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Summary: Wooflation - 2021-2-23

By Greenmeadow, in Summaries,

My Notes:
Lots of rain and wind at his place, heading inland.
Wooflation 3 parts. This is part one.
Currency collapse - all currencies related to the dollar, except ruble and a few independents.
Silver squeeze a symptom.
1910 meeting on Jekyll island - created Fed Reserve bank - not federal, no reserves, not a bank.
Ever since then, we have been living under an artificial construct.
That phase is ending.
Will affect everybody because the dollar is reserve currency or currency is pegged to it.
Know it is starting now - bank in Nigeria or Kenya.
Rejected BTC a week later, citizens choose BTC, bank now buying BTC as a reserve for their worthless currency.
This marks the start of the collapse.
All fiat currencies collapse, known for 6,000 years since China.
We are seeing the collapse of the Dollar Empire.
Unlike the collapse of the Byzantine Empire, it will not take the Capitol being overrun by barbarians.
50 U.S. states banded together.
The Dollar Empire is dying. The United States is NOT dying.
When the Fed Reserve dollar goes, the Dollar Empire will go, not the United States.
When? Close. It could be as close as weeks or months.
Dollar Empire headed by elite communists, a strange breed of technocrats.
Today the effects are being felt—same words in halls of the elite.
Yellen - "BTC bad" BTC drops 17%.
Same thing that happened in Africa. Yellen and The Fed just as vulnerable as African banks to solid currency.
People bought the dip.
Yellen can't sound shrill, fearful, or she weakens the dollar.
In Africa - 7-10 days to repudiate and turn around and adopt BTC.
Other choice was the Yuan. Chinese prejudiced, have not made friends, Africans prefer the Hindus and Indians better.
These things happen quickly.
African nation tried to make BTC illegal; citizens just crossed borders to get it.
Hollow people admin and Yellen not scaring Wall st or retail buyers.
Biden Admin/ Biden Harris conflicted has taken money from CCP, Wall st, BLM, special interests, and more.
Each thinks they own the middle. A type of rehypothecation, multiple claims of ownership.
Silver is driving the break up of the structure.
The CCP needs silver for production. England took vast quantities of silver from China in the opium wars.
China has a lot of rare earth minerals but not silver.
They are strip-mining the Uyghur's land in the N.W. of China.
Mexico, the silver coast, Chile, Peru all have extractable silver. Also some offshore of Greece.
A liquidity crisis in currencies and in monetary and industrial silver.
Creating a situation with silver where there is "none to be had".
Temporal markers from reports - pressuring coin dealers to sell silver for industrial and monetary production. Dealers won't have it.
Citizens bought up silver. The system will do whatever it can to get people to dishoard.
Then they will sell silver at discounted rates to the CCP to keep up the production of goods.
It could last 6-8 months.
When mines cannot meet demand - and new schemes to get silver from the populace = collapse of the dollar unfolding.
One of the steps helicopter money- every month, every week, escalates, bizarre.
Wooflation - not hyperinflation, deflation, stagflation = all wrapped together.
The citizens will decide what we will exchange among ourselves.
May include precious metals, cryptos, and paper money altogether.
People are choosing their own currency now.
Feb 24 big push on emotional tension.
Clif is already feeling tension from Yellen trying to bring things back to her reality where the dollar empire can keep going.
Dollar Empire owes a lot of people a lot of money.
Trump not part of the Dollar Empire.
Here now- Still fighting opium wars, China desperate for silver, Global pop pissed at the clowns who started dollar empire.
People know they have to do something as they see the dollar collapse. No one wants to save in dollars. Rather save in T.P.
What do people value, and what will they trade?
We are in the dollar collapse. Ancillary countries busting up, going the way of African countries.
Mexico, Peru will back with silver.
Silver Stonk is going on now.
As people understand that Yellen caused the drop in BTC, as it rebounds because they bought on the dip, will see the dollar and Yellen as weak.
They will invest more in what they think is strong.
Last line of defense, Gov will try to preserve the bonds.
When that fails, that's the end of the dollar.
We saw this with the Soviets, where their bonds collapsed. It broke up two months after that.
It will cause a nasty global depression.
It May not last that long.
Talk to people about the Woonomics tactics he talked about in a prior video.
People will make money in the coming time. It will be nominal, based in dollars. Will need to get wise.
Dollar not the best long term metric to measure wealth.
The U.S. will not be able to extend its will through force or dollars.
CCP will not step up as a global military force.
Effects within days of big hits to currency.
Colleges, universities, museums, anything with big endowments will start puking all over.
Biden and Wall st folks - literally throwing up in next weeks and months.
Hopefully will not be replaced by banker suicides. Hopes meme will just be puking.
First saw it in the Great Depression - went off gold, Fed Reserve.
Bribery based on printing dollars will go away. Other bribery will increase.
Secret info will come out as it did in Russia, but larger.
The people take down gov and reasserting rights by force of personal will.
Local groups have wealth, not dollars.
May have small groups that have silver may be able to take over local politics because they will be able to back wishes with value.
A radical reappraisal of things. When countries collapse, hard money counts.
Story NYC - brand new Rolls Royce 1930 car paid $25,000 - sold it in 1933 for a small stack of silver coins.
West Coast story - bellhop given a $20 gold piece tip in the 1920s. He held onto al through the Depression and gold confiscation and then bought the hotel.
Will dis-hoard things that were easy to get.
Inflation on things we need to sustain ourselves, food, etc.
We don't know what the true value of things are.
Hard money makes for hard politics.
If you can't pay for insider deals and you can't tax people.
Problems will extend through the Biden Administration.
Open warfare between the CCP, Wall St, Hollywood, or whoever.
BLM already discarded.
The next group to go will be the students. Biden cannot relieve student debt; it backs 2/3 of our money, would destroy bonds.
In year Woo - after this will not trade hard money for anything that does not have value.
Wooflation - hunt for real value things; what is it worth?
It will be desperate.
The sic-fi tech this summer will get us through in a way we could not get through in the Great Depression.
Deep State = Dollar Empire.
Discussions need to be sparked so we can figure out what to do as the system is breaking up around us.
We will need to remove the wealth from the system and put it to more productive use.
The rest of the globe will need to sort out themselves, their currencies.
Academia and Smithsonian are gatekeepers- they will be failing.
Will phones be made if the silver costs too much?
Decentralization and dislocation as states and local groups attempt to organize and solve problems.
CCP has allied themselves with the Uniparty ( Dem/Repub) since 1972 - they have their own issues as a direct result of the collapse of the dollar.
The Wooflation world will get a direct reward for solving problems - bigger problems equal bigger reward.
Will get to a true meritocracy. Won't be able to afford to care about being woke anymore.
We will not be able just to milk the system with a top-down control anymore.
It will get very ugly.
Will include points of redemption. June - Sept - large tech leaks to reinvigorate humanity and tech
It will coincide with gov big demand for silver.
There may only be some type of silver they care about - some isotope difference.


Summary: Space Woo -2021-2-20

By Greenmeadow, in Summaries,

Upcoming month starting on Feb 24 through Mar 25
Words "large, transforming, fundamentally affecting ... +
Part of destruction of the past, institutions banks, etc
Language goes to silver squeeze affecting banking at transformative level.
"Completion, putting to rest", getting closure on aspects of transformation and destruction of the past.
Not a lot of language at this time on digesting the past, what has occurred. Interest is to the future.
Reacting on a daily basis, looking at what is coming next.
Deadly winter followed by "space woos".
Conditions affect ability to do biz as usual in space. Things crashed into, debris field a real hazard.
Won't be able to launch things for several years until it clears up.
Crashes could be meteors, language did not say.
Space debris TM to secrets revealed, reverse engineering alien tech etc.
74 years of secrecy ending, lives destroyed by secrecy.
Need to drop idea life is fair, progressive entitled thinking.
Have to let go of justice, recriminations, - must forgive mistakes, things done 50 yrs ago in defense of the species.
Can't focus on the lies and damage - need to accept and move on because we do not have the luxury of time.
Getting first signs of Ice Age. Can be rapid with solar minimums and waning magnetosphere.
Very rapid might be 2 years or 20 years.
Glaciers can appear in 2 years. Needs continuous precipitation and stable evaporation nearby.
Jet streams drive weather along with oceans. Jets streams may be delivering new weather. Lots of water.
Jet streams could create inland seas. One likely but he cannot say where.
The core of the North American ice sheet - formed in six weeks with massive storms of solid rain in freezing conditions.
Example - if we had the polar vortex shift over to the SW and the point is off TX. Could get wet jet streams off the west coast meeting cold.
SW badlands may have been formed by melting glaciers.
Cannot say if glaciers will form in same places, unlikely.
Glaciers in northern Italy, Switzerland, Chile and Peru are recent glaciers formed in the last minimum 400-600 years ago and have been melting.
New glaciers are likely to be larger. Heading onto a more serious Ice age.
If it is a mini ice age we should reach the peak by 2041.
We should see by solar activity or lack of activity if we are in a lessor ice age like a Dalton Minimum.
If so, the cold effects will last 60 years past 2041 . We would have US temps like we saw in the 1920-30s.
We may have a spring space storm, debris layer, will participate in our ability to do space forecasts - get info from space.
Would not want to be on the international space station. real chance you would not make it back.
Climate effects could come in rapidly. Humans cannot alter the climate to mitigate an ice age.
We can respond effectively.
We need new tech. Need Manhattan style project right now to save as much of humanity as we can.
We need magnetic motors. Even those with 20% efficiency would be valuable.  Elon Musk should look that way.
Magnetic motors would allow electric vehicles to be useful everywhere. Not affected by grid failure and sky high rates.
We need a power wall energy pack. Homes could help feed the grid as well as supply home energy.
Could make crypto mining cheap.
Factories and industrial might helps when making such a big change.
Based on language  - maybe Mar we will see a start.
Feb 24 - crying and complaining session.
March may start to see a commitment to making sense and approaching environment, politics, voting machines etc.
Boating metaphor - heavy weather tactics in a storm - when to deploy it? Timing is key.
Clif doing a lot of videos to try and help.
Large period of time,  peak Feb 24 - end of Nov - extends out into 2022.
Some relief from space woo, space debris in 2022. Failed experiments and then one that works.
Going into a global depression, global low pressure system in regards to money.
Bribe and secrecy money dries up. Loss of purchasing power.
Governments cannot respond to hyperinflation.  Long time to react to economic conditions rapidly changing conditions.
Feb 24 crying and complaining - leads to hyper inflation unity?
Some kind of resolution that will not be good for government procuring process.
Real problems with gov - where the price of goods outstrips their ability to pay - company submits bill on contract.
Example: Price on the ground of commodity rapid rises $0.80 to $8 per gal milk etc.
If government stops paying for milk the contractor stops delivering. Prisons no milk - prison riots etc.
By the time the gov adjusts to $8 dollar price it will be $16 and then $58, etc fast.
Will affect people being paid $10K month bonus for keeping quiet.
They will do something to earn money with their secrets.
If we , the US, have a political breakup similar to the Soviet union, it will be for similar economic reasons.
Not political reasons. We have been infiltrated by the CCP - corrupted our education, emasculating men since 1920's, etc.
Not quite the same as USSR.
Based on what was seen in the USSR. When bribes did not cover food.
It will only take 3 months for scientist types and other secret keepers selling info.
We will start to see crying and complaining Feb 24 - but the majority of the effect will be after March.
Feb session, weeping, wailing, gnashing teeth, histrionics.
March starts to see effects, response.
Mar through Nov ( Dec 1), pretty steady level of emotional tension.
Big building tension and releases of tension through out this period of time.
Negative building tension,  ie; crytpo FOMO
Positive building tension for crytpo holders. Release when sell for fiat etc.
Some crypto holders will sell to buy and stimulate economy.
Secrets revealed, emotional turmoil, political turmoil, UFO info etc.
Clif does not see US breaking up. Not seeing it in the language at this time.
Silver temporal marker 21 years old, $600 silver -
Clif got shit for it, on Art Bell. Said people would not want to live in a time with $600 silver.
( note - the longer something has been in the data the bigger the impact)
Imagine what $600 silver will do to the banks. Silver drying up at wholesale level.
Silver production waning in India and China.
Imagine what will happen if silver escalates beyond the ability of banks to control it.
Bix Weir; silver controlled 150-160 since Opium wars in china - was about silver.
Got people hooked on drugs and demanded silver. Silver left china at such a rate it started a war.
1789 French revolution upheaval around industrialization and corruption of the money - killed the populations and they killed the elite.
Here we have compounding space woo, weather woo,  ice age maybe.
Need to react, shift capital, reindustrialize under terrible conditions.
Diaspora? Great lakes center of glaciation cold and growing areas around it shrink.
All this going on while the strength of our money is failing.
Not the end of the world, humanity.
We do have to stop doing stupid things.  New Tesla car not valuable if roads frozen across the country.
Age of Aquarius - Age of knowledge.
Knowledge rises to the top when being wrong has too a high a cost.
We are at this point. BS will fade.
Clif thinks we could make magnetic motors that last 5 years for $4-5K.
Need some raw materials. Neodymium magnets and plastics. US only makes nylon.
The motor will need replacing but the generator may last 50 years.
Magnets will lose their magnetism in the constant swirl within the aether.
Should be building them better later.
Not free energy - will have cost to produce,  just don't have to provide fuel for it.
Like a heat pump for electricity.
We will decide the climate is actually connected to space.
We will need to react to it.
Those that think we can change the climate and climate science is settled will not make it.
Let go of people that will not let you move forward. Not everyone will make it.
Old data says we will lose 1/7 of the population approx 1 billion people.
We have always had problems - you could get hit by a car, die of food poisoning, but in this time we will have grand space things etc.

Notes: He has so many details that I can't type fast enough so listen to the interview for more details.
Clif says the D.C. explosion event had some of the language they were looking for having tunnels and and food center near by but it looks like a masking incident. Where a small unimportant event has some of the language of a larger event that is still pending.
He thinks the "electrifying" may have to do with several African countries that are going into hyper inflation and the people are running to cryptos. The banks are trying to stop that. I think they will even unbank people who participate. Also the electronic banking is done in dollars, especially a lot of the automatic banking depends on the dollar value being above $0.10.  Tesla holding cash in BTC adds to the situation. More and more new adopters.
JC asks about Dick Allgire's look at "death of the dollar" and Congressman weeping in the halls of Congress.
Clif says, yes, happening over the next month
New dates:
Sharp rise in tension Feb 24 (event) tension continues through Mar 25. Emotional tension higher than what we have now.
Peak of energy today: the weather, cryptos electrifying bull, government response to social changes.
Banks in Kenya, Sudan and Egypt saying they don't care about the central bank in Nigeria not allowing cryptos. Banks fighting other banks and standing up to central banks. A big deal. As more banks adopt cryptos it leaves the federal banks in a bad place, they can't handle competition. They have devalued the dollar to the point that BTC has gone from $0.10 to $48K. Central banks cannot fight non member banks. They can't fight mass individuals who decide to leave fiat. Banks are now printing money that will be used to buy cryptos.
Major currency transition getting into over the next months that leads to "desperation" that will lead to secrets revealed about UFOs over July this year.  
Political problems, breakdown of belief systems, breakdown of the illusion over the next month. Causing real problems. Social changes. More weather as well this month, atmospheric rivers etc.
How do people save value in this situation? Cannot save in paper because they can just keep printing. You need to buy into scarcity in one form or another. Can be anything Silver, tires, BTC, etc. Scarcity is friend and enemy.
Silver getting into shortages. If Tesla had bought a billion dollars of silver they would not have moved the price. Because its a controlled market unlike BTC. But that control is ending. It has ended. Market has broken. It is not free of price suppression but the mechanism that was backed by silver has broken. We are getting to the point where the dealer with silver can set the price. Old forecast $2 dollar days in silver, and $20 days in silver. Premiums could go up even more. Will get to a BTC and Silver impossible to purchase at any price. Central banks at war with bullion banks. System will get wonky in terms of value. If banks and dealers no longer have silver. The holders (you) will set the value. At that point the Federal reserve is no longer in control of the value of the US dollar.  Not just local dealers out of silver.
Clif knows people with a lot of money they do not want to keep in dollars. They call clif asking where they can do bulk purchase of cryptos. Clif tells them he does not deal in that but they tell him about their problems in obtaining gold, silver or platinum. ( Do not buy diamonds) They cannot do $20-50 million dollar purchases. One person was rebuffed  13x when he tried to buy delivery. Guy in Asia. He did tell people he would test for purity of silver. Most were ok with testing. He could not get lumpy bars of silver. He could not get large sums of gold. Only one gold source in India but extreme premiums. A lot of money is seeking scarcity value right now. Not seeking art or collectables.
Dates : High emotion Feb 24-Mar 25
Impact of government stuff Mar 4-7, around breakdown of illusion, expanding earth weather stuff also,
Q crowd upset around Mar 4 (communists don't care about law). Biden and his crowd doing their version of Mao's cultural revolution. May have big reaction from those not reconciled with theft of election. It's all theater. They will be so broke they cannot pay for anything. Within this month there will be pressure to pay government troops and contractors money that is meaningful. Food inflation means dollars won't feed families. We are at peak fraud right now. Airforce one is a mock up. We are the point of massive change. Get your stuff handled now. Do not procrastinate. Don't save in toilet paper.


Summary: Year Woo - 2021/2/12 Conwoosions

By Greenmeadow, in Summaries,

Hello my name is Greenmeadow. I find it helpful to write notes to grasp what Clif is sharing in his Youtubes. He packs in the details! My notes are NOT transcripts. Some details I will miss. Others I will skip as they do not interest me. Anyway people have found my notes helpful so I am sharing them here.
First half some critique of Charlie Ward.
Charlie admits he is given disinfo at times. He does not know what is disinfo and continues to share it.
No tunnels under white house - it built on a swamp.
Ward used to sell the Iraqi dinar hoax now on NESARA ( sp?) hoax
D. C. is is fenced, caged. Looks more to be keeping people in than out. Really no one around except the military
Clif says we do not really have evidence that Biden or Harris are at the White house.
Very limited press photos. No causal sighting photos. No one seeing Biden except the media
Immediacy data - small sets, limited words
Most confident now to three days, then now to 3 weeks out, least confident 6 weeks out. 6 wks seem max range of data.
Feb 11 - "electrifying" tension release, Central banks, weather, pile up in TX
Feb 24-Mar 25 - no solid conclusion
8 am Feb 24- to midnight Mar 25 is the range of the software data
Words that came through:Tension, complications, physiology, psychology, war, breakdown, genocide ( repeatedly) breakdown of belief, delusions, illusions, constructed alternate reality. Fake media and news likely to be broken - seeing what was underneath. Crashing Crushed, belief systems tested. After people have veils striped from eye falling prey to new delusions. Seeking.
Response to banking crisis. silver. People getting sick as result of currency issues. Sounds like Dick Allgire's description of seeing people," in the halls of power", getting sick over the financial system. Sickness, loss, fear of future, fear of death, exposure. Crushed repeated
Between Feb 24 and Mar 25 seems there will be some event to trigger these responses. Clif is mostly getting just high levels of tension and cannot pick out dates during this time. Breakdown of inhibitions, restraints, suicide. Some episode is being described.
Also a good time for UFO during this period. Climate change, government.
A major collision with reality vs this fake marathon delivered by media for the last 20-30 years.
Atmospheric rives, new glaciers. Obstacles for people getting out of weather, some deaths.
Feb 27-29 small spike - desperation, currency, global grid structure of dollar, massive change, gold and silver crisis?
Small peak Mar 4 - 7 aggression, movement and change , weighted towards economics, regeneration and growth ( cryptos?)
Watch out for crypto optimism - some are shitcoins, not all will make it. This is the year woo but also about the woo that works and doesn't work.  Hitting reality.
Military in Washington. No eyes on Biden. Impeachment a distraction. No one is watching it.
Legality, Covid bill forcing UFO disclosure within gov branches - spill over into he public this summer.
Humans at a big cross roads. Need to change the path we are on.
Can flow easily and naturally if we acknowledge space aliens here on earth and are effecting us.
Everything flows from there. It solves a ton of problems. Communism, antifa, dead end systems is because we are living a lie.
For at least the last 74 years the government has know about aliens and they have been lying and building lies upon lies ever since.
The change about lying needs to happen in government.
We may have a colonel as a release valve for disclosure.
Economic desperation forcing disclosure and release of classified info.
Economic desperation will peak this summer
The silver crisis will erode the government and make things worse than anything Argentina went through.
We will be in worse shape than Somalia by the the summer.
We will make it through. Very good stuff on the other side. Clif did his grief and stress two years ago and is onto optimism.
Speed of change we be very fast.
Heading into the Soaring Twenties will be incredibility fast compared to the morass we have been living in the last 60 years.
Lots of opportunity and work. We are there, in the year woo.
Charlie Ward et al  are derailing people and adding to the problem instead of uplifting them with forward thinking.
Silver crisis will effect our government and all other governments.
Stay calm - its only a few months.

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