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    • Marti
      I believe we discussed this some months ago (Foxx will straighten me out if I'm wrong) and that the IP address would get us to the host server for this forum, but that server hosts several web sites so that wouldn't get us to the right place).
    • Christine
      Dos this forum have a dedicated ip address? If so, we direct navigate to this forum the way Jim Stone's site works. @Foxx
    • Marti
      @Neo and @Foxx this forum is a lifeline for me (and I suspect many others). It's my go-to place for facts as well as opinions that keep me well informed. So I'm kind of paranoid about it possibly getting shut down. 
    • Marti
    • Marti
      Thanks, Neo. And since Gigi started an Iver thread inside the forum, much of the discussion has moved there. 
    • Neo
      @Marti I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's been an ongoing public thread for a couple months. IF we are on anybody's radar it's probably not for this one thread alone. Front Line Doctors are still prescribing it on the web and it's available everywhere. Our little discussion here doesn't amount to much in the greater scheme of things.   The purpose of the public side is put helpful information out to benefit others who aren't members "upstairs". I think this discussion qualifies as such.   As always I could be wrong. But that is my thoughts on it....
    • Foxx
      Can we please leave the administration of the forum to the, Administrators.    Thanks.
    • Marti
      @Onca Would you mind moving your posts inside the forum rather than on the public side? There is at least one other topic besides this one. We don't want the 1984 police coming after us. If you don't know how to move the posts, would you please ask Foxx to help? If you don't know how to do that, let me know. Thank you. 
    • easy
      doing the paste, I all of a sudden realized the head fog was gone as she mentions.. I was shocked because I did not realize how bad it was until it wasn't there any more.
    • justamom
      Brennan of Body Language made a brief video about her and her husband's (impressive) experience with taking Ivermectin... human grade and she said expensive... guessing this video won't last long!    
    • Foxx
      There is really no difference between this thread and that thread. They are both under the webbotrforum.com url. That being said, there does seem to be some issues with sites around the net.
    • bzpal
      I've tried several times to post this on the 'President Trump' thread, and as soon as I submit it, it goes to a 404 not found page....???  
    • Onca
      Easy, I listened to Dr. Merritt's podcast again, and she said there are several different "tubes" of ivermectin with differing amounts of ivermectin. I would calculate the dose based on what the box says, the protocol you want to follow, and your weight. I included all the calculations so that you could insert your values and use the same process to arrive at the dose for you.   Bart, Dr Merritt says that prophylactically she would take a dose once a week. Having said that, she said that's only if you're getting shed on because you deal with a lot of people. She thinks there will be shortages and that unless you are at risk, save it and keep it on hand. She's a believer of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, as wall as the supplements that are on her website (the medical rebel). One thing I hear a lot when listening to videos is that if you have symptoms, you need to immediately treat this. In the file attached to the first post I created, she goes over what she would do if she got sick, and in that file she also mentions that there are many protocols (she give the link c19protocols.com).  
    • easy
      Wowza Captain...wowza.... thanks for update...    
    • Captain
      Follow up results to my taking horse paste, I took a half dose day 1, a full dose day 2. I have waited several days to see how I feel as I had two days of intense physical labor unexpectedly. at my age that causes every muscle to hurt. Day 2 I got a brief (momentary) double vision and feeling like i might faint. i was sitting so it was startling but not fatal. Oddly, a series of  bumps I have had for thirty years went away. Rash on inside of arms from wrist to elbow along the vein. I have picked at these because they bothered me. Like a pimple filled with clear liquid but not pus like. I have had two doctors exam these as I suspected these might be an outward sign of cholestrol. Both said it was nothing, Very visible and rough to touch so I was perplexed at them brushing me off. Anyway, they are gone. Still one small one by feel on left arm in the crook of my elbow. That one always annoyed me the most. It is much smaller.  I'll wait a few days to take more horse paste. I still feel cautious about proper  dose. All this made me think about working in the inner city of St. Louis managing a huge community center for poor folks. They had a large immigrant population. I supervised about 20 social workers who always called on me when folks came in with huge worms coming out of their skin. I mean the size of a worm you would find on your patio after a rain. Very very creepy. Mostly on their hands and face, the worm would come out and seemingly reach toward you and 'look" at you as though looking for a new host. Workers would not register them so I did the paperwork. Clients always said they weren't aware of them when I discreetly referred them to our health clinic. Of course they had to be aware of them. I finally got the name of the parasite but don't remember. I do remember doctors said no medicine would kill them without killing the patient. removal was winding them around a pencil and pulling them out slowly over a period of months to years. I did see one doc put bacon all over a man's back and the worms came out for the bacon enmass. This worm was from the continent of Africa and they were NOT small worms. Larger than ones my puppies pooped when they were dewormed. Ah, the fond memories of working in the hood. 
    • Romans828IsTrue
      FYI, since @Onca shared about his use of it, I have been taking it basically as a preventative after having gone out among the vaxed public. Just about a half inch (around the 250# mark each dose for my weight 😃 out of the tube pushed out onto my finger like toothpaste and just eat it. I am more of a homebody lately and have had little actual contact with the vaxed public, therefore I only use it after the public exposure. I don't think it needs to be taken daily, but that's jmho. 5 or 6 doses per syringe at my weight (approx 260#)
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