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  • Trump On Joe Rogan Brings In Sci-Fi World




    More on our conversation with Clif High about why he tasked remote viewers to look at Joe Rogan. And why he feels the data indicates we're about to enter a new world, one that he calls "Sci-Fi World."


  • Clif High: How We Remote Viewed Trump On Joe Rogan




    President Donald Trump says he wants to do a debate on the Joe Rogan Podcast. This is one of the eeriest remote viewing videos ever. The tasking dates back more than a decade. What did Clif High think when he saw the data unfold? What does this mean for the future? (This is part one.)

  • 2020 08 22 - Immigrants Guide To SciFi World - Monkey Shocks




    immigrants guide to SciFi World Shock the monkey _ How the Tic Tac UFO works

  • immigrant's guide to SciFi World S0E2





    How shit works & trash talking famous people

  • immigrants guide to scifi world s0e1





    sci fi world discussion & better audio with less stray magnets



  • Immigrant's Guide to SciFi World - s0 e0




    Description of the emerging data sets that describe & inform SciFi World

  • magnetic experiment 12xc 2020-07-20:06:34



    magnetic experiment using entrained, folded, locked fields, & 3 external fields for manipulation. Permanent magnets, 3/16s, external magnifying video camera.  Showing the 'push off', & 'dampening down oscillation' effects observed in the US Navy UFO vids. magnets are 4 permanent magnets twisted/folded into that shape via mutual attraction/repulsion. 3 external fields to move it back & forth & levitate it off the surface of the wood plank. Camera is one of those little oitez magnifying cams.


    mag exp 13xc2d- 2020-07-20:14:23



    more magnet experiments with entrained magnetic fields reacting as a singly object until a threshold level of impact with another magnetic field breaks the energy entwined apart causing the tetrahedron structure to separate back to a single plane.

  • 2020 07 16 critical thinking - #me_twoo





    discussion about SOME of the deep shit that is happening at twitter RIGHT NOW ! yes, ALL of twitter MUST be presumed to have been exposed, if not compromised !


    It is exactly the same type of attack that stole my account a couple of months back along with others who were also tweeting about #CCPVIRUS & the CCP rounding up vitamins in quantity for the PLA due to COVID.


  • 2020 07 05 Risk Assessment & mic check




    critical thinking about some risks & July/August



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