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  • Woo Rules!



    Discussion about collapse, money, thinking, goofy govt responses.

    Getting Over, Getting Wise to get beyond.

    Learning to embrace the woo...

  • Woo's Money Is It?



    Discussion about woo, normie world, death of dollar empire & woo transaction universe. Some guides to how it works.

  • Woo ships -2021-3-2





    Woo Ships - discussion about Mag Drive - Floaty cars - Woo Ships - Magnetic propulsion - How to become incredibly wealthy.

  • woo treatment 2021-3-2





    Woo Treatment - how to get it, what else is necessary . Woo treatment for metabolic condition

  • For Men Only - Talk about T production



    What cancer taught me about testosterone levels & how to affect them.






  • Wooflation 2021-2-23






    Wooflation discussion about the events of this week and beyond relating to the death of the dollar empire. How the collapse unfolds. SOME of the effects which will last for decades.... Remember: In chaos, there is opportunity. Get ready to start building out SciFi world!

  • Summary: Wooflation - 2021-2-23

    Lots of rain and wind at his place, heading inland.
    Wooflation 3 parts. This is part one.
    Currency collapse - all currencies related to the dollar, except ruble and a few independents.
    Silver squeeze a symptom.
    1910 meeting on Jekyll island - created Fed Reserve bank - not federal, no reserves, not a bank.
    Ever since then, we have been living under an artificial construct.
    That phase is ending. ...


  • Space Woo -2021-2-20



    discussion about space woo & upcoming period of Secrets Revealed from Feb 24 through to Dec 1. i call out @elonmusk for what he SHOULD be doing, both for Tesla cars (which need electricity) and for humanity, also needs electricity....to hell with making non-flamethrowers, make magnet motors. Discussion of weather & space woo & glaciers & space debris/accident field issues for launching into orbit.


  • Summary: Space Woo -2021-2-20

    Upcoming month starting on Feb 24 through Mar 25
    Words "large, transforming, fundamentally affecting ... +
    Part of destruction of the past, institutions banks, etc...
    Language goes to silver squeeze affecting banking at a transformative level.
    "Completion, putting to rest", getting closure on aspects of transformation and destruction of the past.
    Not a lot of language at this time on digesting the past, what has occurred. Interest is to the future ...


  • Sun Woo - 2021-2-16




    Sun Woo discussion about sun, its corona shrinkage & effects here on earth & discussion about specimen and products & problems from them showing up for MSM over next month

  • Woonomics - 2021-2-14




    Discussion about Woonomics & the next few weeks of emerging events.

  • Year Woo - 2021/2/12 Conwoosions



    discussion about First Principles Thinking, Woo, Conwoosions & confusions. Discussion about some of the immediacy language forecast to be emerging from Feb 24 through March 25. Economics, silver/gold/cryptos. Some politics. Some critiques.

  • Summary: Year Woo - 2021/2/12 Conwoosions

    ... Feb 11 - "electrifying" tension release, Central banks, weather, pile up in TX
    Feb 24-Mar 25 - no solid conclusion
    8 am Feb 24- to midnight Mar 25 is the range of the software data

    Words that came through:Tension, complications, physiology, psychology, war, breakdown, genocide ( repeatedly) breakdown of belief, delusions, illusions, constructed alternate reality. Fake media and news likely to be broken - seeing what was underneath. Crashing Crushed, belief systems tested. After people have veils striped from eye falling prey to new delusions. Seeking.

    Response to banking crisis. silver. People getting sick as result of currency issues. Sounds like Dick Allgire's description of seeing people," in the halls of power", getting sick over the financial system. Sickness, loss, fear of future, fear of death, exposure. Crushed repeated

    Between Feb 24 and Mar 25 seems there will be some event to trigger these responses. Clif is mostly getting just high levels of tension and cannot pick out dates during this time. Breakdown of inhibitions, restraints, suicide. Some episode is being described. ...


  • Fog of Woo



    Watch out for deliberate deception now in the woo-woo world. calling out santa surfing & the whole fake mass arrests narrative. Also the 'quantum financial system' scam & it's purveyors.


    Some talk about weather.




    🔴LIVESTREAM: SPECIAL REPORT WITH CLIF HIGH & JeanClaude@BeyondMystic #CastkerockStudio #WhiteHouse #PotemkinVillage Castlerock Studio White House = Potemkin village?

  • Year Woo ICE WOO



    Discussion about RV & Woo just sticking up outta the ice!

  • Year WooStream AG600





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    • bartp401
      People are going to eat sandwiches and chicken/tuna salad.  I am just trying to find a better alternative.   Another brand is:   https://www.sirkensingtons.com/product/mayonnaise
    • DaddyBob
      Also canola oil, even worse for you than soybean oil.   To date I think I have run across three brands of pure avocado oil mayo, including the one you put a link to.   Avocado mayo does not hold together well especially if you leave it out of the fridge too long. If I want it I make my own. But since it's mostly good for spreading on bread and since bread gives you wheat belly and isn't at all good for testosterone, I have nearly given it up.   Just about the only vegetable oil I am using these days is peanut oil for deep frying, and occasionally I eat peanut butter mostly for the selenium. Peanut oil is actually quite limbering. 
    • bartp401
      Look at a label for mayo.  First ingredient is Soybean oil no matter the brand. Soy and soybeans are bad for testosterone. Try: https://www.primalkitchen.com/products/avocado-oil-mayo?variant=31855583395955
    • bartp401
      Clif mentioned to sun your balls for 10 minutes a day.
    • bartp401
      Cliff mentioned that you sound your balls for 10 minutes around 10 am.   I found a red led flashlight on Amazon: Brand: AuKvi 4.5 out of Deep Red Light Flashlight 670nm Single Mode Long Range Red Hunting Flashlights Torch with Zoomable for Astronomy, Aviation, Night Observation-Black.   I wonder if 670nm red led is the same spectrum of light that would work.
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