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  • Was The Election Honest? What About Computer "Glitches?"



    Of course the election was honest and fair, and represents the will of the people who want an inclusive, sustainable, diverse, green new world. But what about those nagging questions about the computer software? We talk with legendary computer software programmer Clif High, who tells everything was just fine. See part two of this conversation on our Patreon site.


    Part two is being edited and will be posted on Patreon soon.

  • high effect- magnets



    discussion about magnets, the high effect blended folded fields

    brief rant about lawsuit & hints of the new spectacular project


  • Trump On Joe Rogan Brings In Sci-Fi World




    More on our conversation with Clif High about why he tasked remote viewers to look at Joe Rogan. And why he feels the data indicates we're about to enter a new world, one that he calls "Sci-Fi World."


  • Clif High: How We Remote Viewed Trump On Joe Rogan




    President Donald Trump says he wants to do a debate on the Joe Rogan Podcast. This is one of the eeriest remote viewing videos ever. The tasking dates back more than a decade. What did Clif High think when he saw the data unfold? What does this mean for the future? (This is part one.)

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