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  • LIVESTREAM: IN THE DARK - SPECIAL UPDATES With Clif High, Jsnip4, Bix Weir, Dave & Jean-Claude




  • AUDIO: Clif High - Secrets of the Digital World (Pt.1 of 2)





  • 2021 01 16 SciFi World! We're HERE!





    Books that can make you better & suggestions for home schooling. Also discussion of cycles vs linearists, & how those cycles are participating in your life now. Some reminders to help you place yourself & your generation in the current confluence of cycles.


  • besmart2021


    be smart fuckers, do not win stupid prizes

  • Was The Election Honest? What About Computer "Glitches?"



    Of course the election was honest and fair, and represents the will of the people who want an inclusive, sustainable, diverse, green new world. But what about those nagging questions about the computer software? We talk with legendary computer software programmer Clif High, who tells everything was just fine. See part two of this conversation on our Patreon site.


    Part two is being edited and will be posted on Patreon soon.

  • Trump On Joe Rogan Brings In Sci-Fi World




    More on our conversation with Clif High about why he tasked remote viewers to look at Joe Rogan. And why he feels the data indicates we're about to enter a new world, one that he calls "Sci-Fi World."


  • Clif High: How We Remote Viewed Trump On Joe Rogan




    President Donald Trump says he wants to do a debate on the Joe Rogan Podcast. This is one of the eeriest remote viewing videos ever. The tasking dates back more than a decade. What did Clif High think when he saw the data unfold? What does this mean for the future? (This is part one.)

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    • WBF Admin
      Every single ALTA report Clif has ever issued, in their unedited, raw form are now available in the Downloads section of the site.   The only catch is, that to prevent bots from usurping our bandwidth, you have to be a member to download. Sign up is easy. Just click the "Sign Up" button at the top of any page.   Every IDIR report is also available, upon request. The IDIR reports are in audio format and as such are bandwidth hogs, hence the request stipulation. Requests for the IDIR Reports can be made by clicking on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of any  page.   While not necessary, to help with our bandwidth costs, donations are appreciated.   Cheers  
    • Buzzard
      British people: Eat More Fish!   How difficult would it be for the UK government to ask the British people to eat more fish and chips?  That idea sells itself.   I am certain that if the Prime Minister requested the British people to unite by eating more fish and chips, the British people would rise to the challenge. And, the overall British happiness level would increase, and the fish glut would be eliminated.  
    • simple simon
      This is insanity - the problem is new red tape rules which need sorting out, the insanity is what the British Govt bod says about the issue      
    • simple simon
      Brexit red tape problems...   Why Percy Pig in Ireland could become a victim of Brexit red tape   Percy Pig could become an unwitting victim of fallout from the post-Brexit trade deal red tape.   Marks & Spencer boss Steve Rowe has warned that, despite the UK signing a free trade agreement with the EU, new rules and regulations are set to “significantly impact” its overseas ventures in Ireland, the Czech Republic and France, although he insisted the company is “actively working to mitigate” the issues.   Mr Rowe explained that the problem stems from “point of origin” rules, which he said create huge complexities.   He said: “Essentially, there is about a third of the product in our food business that is subject to very complex rules of origin arrangements, around the components within it, and how much has been altered in the UK.   “Depending on that there is a variable tariff. Any product that’s manufactured in Europe, comes to the UK and is then redistributed to somewhere like Republic of Ireland also, potentially faces a tariff. https://www.itv.com/news/2021-01-08/how-percy-pig-in-ireland-could-become-a-victim-of-brexit-red-tape
    • Greenmeadow
      Welcome. Crazy times. Everyone is trying to find paths less trodden to keep in contact.   Also check out clif on Parler clif_high @clifhigh   He is also posting some very good blogs lately Go to his site https://www.halfpasthuman.com/ Go to the bottom of the page and click on Blogs There is a link to the current blog on the top and the titles of prior blogs below
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