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WBF Monk
https://rumble.com/v4ue0xq-outspoken-futurist-clif-high-on-the-meaning-of-life.html   Clif High is a futurist and programmer, who has made a reputation for eerily reliable predictions of future events. His methodology is a precursor to AI, which "crawls" the internet and identifies linguistic and grammatical structures in the "collective unconscious" of humanity as a whole. He then takes that data and analyzes it to see what is likely to emerge in history, politics and markets; even natural disasters.
In this fascinating interview, Clif High explains his cosmology to Dr Wolf, and walks her through his understanding of how humans are connected virtually telepathically. He also shares his view of ancient civilizations' role in human history, and even more original (if not unusual) interpretations of how we were created, and what our destiny may be.
In this interview, Clif High shares some views with which Dr Wolf agrees, and others with which she strongly disagrees or finds outside the realm of what she finds plausible. The whole interview, including the interlocutors' disagreements, is well worth a listen. We thank Clif High for making time for this often-important discussion of the recent past and the potentially tragic near future.

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