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Summary: Year Woo - 2021/2/12 Conwoosions

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Hello my name is Greenmeadow. I find it helpful to write notes to grasp what Clif is sharing in his Youtubes. He packs in the details! My notes are NOT transcripts. Some details I will miss. Others I will skip as they do not interest me. Anyway people have found my notes helpful so I am sharing them here.


First half some critique of Charlie Ward.

Charlie admits he is given disinfo at times. He does not know what is disinfo and continues to share it.

No tunnels under white house - it built on a swamp.

Ward used to sell the Iraqi dinar hoax now on NESARA ( sp?) hoax


D. C. is is fenced, caged. Looks more to be keeping people in than out. Really no one around except the military

Clif says we do not really have evidence that Biden or Harris are at the White house.

Very limited press photos. No causal sighting photos. No one seeing Biden except the media


Immediacy data - small sets, limited words

Most confident now to three days, then now to 3 weeks out, least confident 6 weeks out. 6 wks seem max range of data.


Feb 11 - "electrifying" tension release, Central banks, weather, pile up in TX

Feb 24-Mar 25 - no solid conclusion

8 am Feb 24- to midnight Mar 25 is the range of the software data


Words that came through:Tension, complications, physiology, psychology, war, breakdown, genocide ( repeatedly) breakdown of belief, delusions, illusions, constructed alternate reality. Fake media and news likely to be broken - seeing what was underneath. Crashing Crushed, belief systems tested. After people have veils striped from eye falling prey to new delusions. Seeking.


Response to banking crisis. silver. People getting sick as result of currency issues. Sounds like Dick Allgire's description of seeing people," in the halls of power", getting sick over the financial system. Sickness, loss, fear of future, fear of death, exposure. Crushed repeated


Between Feb 24 and Mar 25 seems there will be some event to trigger these responses. Clif is mostly getting just high levels of tension and cannot pick out dates during this time. Breakdown of inhibitions, restraints, suicide. Some episode is being described.


Also a good time for UFO during this period. Climate change, government.

A major collision with reality vs this fake marathon delivered by media for the last 20-30 years.

Atmospheric rives, new glaciers. Obstacles for people getting out of weather, some deaths.


Feb 27-29 small spike - desperation, currency, global grid structure of dollar, massive change, gold and silver crisis?


Small peak Mar 4 - 7 aggression, movement and change , weighted towards economics, regeneration and growth ( cryptos?)


Watch out for crypto optimism - some are shitcoins, not all will make it. This is the year woo but also about the woo that works and doesn't work.  Hitting reality.


Military in Washington. No eyes on Biden. Impeachment a distraction. No one is watching it.

Legality, Covid bill forcing UFO disclosure within gov branches - spill over into he public this summer.


Humans at a big cross roads. Need to change the path we are on.

Can flow easily and naturally if we acknowledge space aliens here on earth and are effecting us.

Everything flows from there. It solves a ton of problems. Communism, antifa, dead end systems is because we are living a lie.

For at least the last 74 years the government has know about aliens and they have been lying and building lies upon lies ever since.

The change about lying needs to happen in government.

We may have a colonel as a release valve for disclosure.


Economic desperation forcing disclosure and release of classified info.

Economic desperation will peak this summer

The silver crisis will erode the government and make things worse than anything Argentina went through.

We will be in worse shape than Somalia by the the summer.

We will make it through. Very good stuff on the other side. Clif did his grief and stress two years ago and is onto optimism.

Speed of change we be very fast.

Heading into the Soaring Twenties will be incredibility fast compared to the morass we have been living in the last 60 years.

Lots of opportunity and work. We are there, in the year woo.


Charlie Ward et al  are derailing people and adding to the problem instead of uplifting them with forward thinking.

Silver crisis will effect our government and all other governments.

Stay calm - its only a few months.

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Meaning of morass in English

something that is extremely complicated and difficult to deal with and makes any progress almost impossible:

1. (Physical Geography) a tract of swampy low-lying land
2. a disordered or muddled situation or circumstance, esp one that impedes progress

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Excellent Greenmeadow. Very much appreciate your efforts here! 

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