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Summary: FUD WOO! - 2021-5-20

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FUD to drop BTC coordinated
FUD used to drive out weak hands and buying up BTC
Trying to move humanity around
2021 -2025 echoes of 1929-1933
Jewish people and contracts also echo the past period
This set has been accumulating from 2014-2017. Matured in 2017
First TM of the set.
$64K BTC and then a 30-50% correction.
If more TMs happen, the more predictive the set is
2nd TM $100K BTC parties. Before Dec, happy Christmas, able to celebrate.
Dollar not doing so well
Soon after $100K BTC parties - BTC unobtainable except for a few satoshis
BTC will continue up
BTC people can set their own price to sell
BTC used for sovereign debt settling of countries
Public exchanges will not see a whole BTC sold
Will get to people having to work to buy a whole satoshi.
Says his data set have value - people have made millions with his data
Feels confident about the data set
Data set includes:
The number the $64K BTC question appeared back in 2014
Terrible winter coming up
Revolution in Europe
Revolution in the US
The Revival
The Winter
The EU / Vikings
$600 silver
Antarctica / UFOs / Real Human History
Secrets revealed with rioting background
Sun disease = corona
Sun also diseased due to grand solar minimum
Parts of the data set already showing
30-50% correction
Sun disease = corona
Some Antarctica / real human history
American revolution - happening now. Revival of the American Rev 2, Completing fight against globalists.
EU/Vikings - get sick of globalists destroying countries with immigration and culture wars. Revival of Vikings
Dec-Apr winter - very bad, prepare for power outages, store food, etc
falls last longer, winter starts later
Scandinavian countries - immigrants get depleted under Ice age conditions
Money stops coming in to support immigrants take over countries
Too cold for them - they leave.
Ethnic cleansing - shove all immigrants in Europe south - violence, not a good time, Begins in Sweden
Winter get worse and worse - gets down into boot of Italy
2021 = the brutal winter that announces the Ice Age
Spanish troops throwing migrants off boats. They have to swim to shore to Morocco
Soros paying for military-age men to migrate - not women and children
2019 Nov-Oct- on Chinese deep web video filmed from high up at night in Wuhan
Chinese CCP Gestapo, social police in PPE, armed going through Wuhan streets.
PLA soldiers white PPE, CCP Gestapo manila PPE
CCP all carrying some gear, plus some kind of squeeze gun. pumping something arm motion like with a bagpipe - created some smoke
PLA soldier put down their guns and back off
Some CCP guys had handguns, sounds of gunfire
Clif gets sent a video from Mike Adams.
Q: is coronavirus a sham? - was spike proteins sprayed in Wuhan, northern Italy, NYC
Vaccine just another way to get spike protein into people
People that can be affected by spike protein will be affected.
Clif; maybe it's that evil - not just a mistake messing around with a virus
American Rev2 Revival
It Will be very cool.
People will drop Patriot term - to prejudicial for the left
Revival of constitutionalist
America was started as an experiment - can we do this without kings
What's coming will be the (fulfilling?) the first revolution
Young men new revolutionaries - big boost by July 4
There will be other aspects of celebration, not just $100K BTC parties

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