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Summary: American Woolette - 2021-5-22

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Woolette - like Russian roulette. Making bets on risk.


As we go into collapse, we can bet on:

In descending order of stability

Digital Yaun/ dollar - system money


Physical cash

Precious metals

Real estate

Bullets / Food / Mobility

Mad max


We are betting that civilization will level out.

Others think we will go all the way to mad max.


System money - think the system will remain as it is, have faith in it. Those in charge will manage it, and we will be ok.


Others think there are problems, oscillations, things not making sense

Communists are running around - not a good sign. Communism, not an ideology.

Read about Karl Marx. About him, not what he wrote

It's a designed mind control op. The power elites made a contract with Marx, and he wrote Das Kapital

He used formulaic initiation process, mental programing

Marx lived and died as an elitist, was not a communist, like an Epstein

Communism has spread around the planet but is not an organic movement.

Contracts between people and governments, copies family relationships

Communism is a tool of the global elite, to control people, people lose free will, not family contract style

Communism coming to the US - means that globalist are trying to change society, and we are the target this time

It's been used as a tool in Vietnam, Korea, China, Russia, Austria, etc.

It always fails, but it causes destruction and leaves globalists in charge of fascism.

They are trying it now In Europe, Australia, the US, and Canada - they are stretched pretty thin.


The Big Out - discuss out in the open everything the globalists do not want us to discuss

Election audits- if everything was fair, why not allow people to do audits and ease their minds?

Globalists keep piling things on, and it is making them look guilty - normies catching on.

Have to bet where we think the system will stabilize; bets not mutually exclusive.

We are degrading—hedge your bets over a range.

We will have collapse and recovery back and forth until we stabilize

Collapse systemic and civilization-wide.

Individual actions of the people take on a trend

Individual actions matter during this period

Once communism is released, the elites will not be able to control it. It will turn on them and expose them.


The bottom level of stabilization

Real estate - homesteads, a place you can live, subsistence, not investment

Bullets, food - survivability

mini warlords try to control the environment, family-style groupings for safety


Mid-level stabilization

Precious metals - storing and trading calories

local trade, multiple forms of representational currency - cash

Reasonably quick recovery from this level

Know what to do to recover from this level

Move from gold to cash to cryptos

banks do nothing for humans - aggregate off people and end up in control

banks manage poorly and cause a collapse

We do not need to go that route again


Chinese claiming they have won the first round of a biological war with the release of Covid spike proteins.

In our version of American Woolette, timing does not matter.

Every chamber has live rounds.

Each one released will cause a cascade of ongoing problems problems

The managerial class is too greedy, uneducated, self-absorbed to fix it


Cryptos mean we have an alternative to centralized management

So we do not need to go down through all the layers of collapse

We also have magic mushrooms showing up, space aliens, that will change the narrative.

Over the course of the next few months

The system, elites, and communism trying to drive us into digital yuan/ dollars will be one of the first casualties of our alien experience.

Those that would drive us into system control digital dollars are under attack themselves.


Some kickers will intrude on all of this

UFOs, space aliens

Covid - mRNA product vaxx - has real potential to bring fulfillment of forecast language - 3rd wave, 3rd winter

3rd wave, horrific level of causalities - the combo of the vaxx and Covid, deaths this winter

Some UK computer models - joining of Covid and vaxxed in a death wave, globalist depopulation

Includes vaxxed children

Will fulfill the language around the sun disease - still out and about but fades rapidly.

Then done with Covid.

He does not know if 3rd wave will materialize- he does see the language

There have been significant temporal gaps and changes in the language

UK computer models - 60-70% vaxxed will be debilitated, and half may die this winter.


Clif thinks deaths may be due to very harsh winter, cloud cover, and low vitamin D

Clif says Vit D seems to provide protection from spike proteins from Covid or the vaxx

90 nanograms per mil liter optimal ( he had 40 before)

People who work outside routinely test 120-150, so those levels are ok

Clif says his area is still in near winter conditions in late May- not generating Vit D from the sun.

Chaga loaded with Vit D, Clif sips it all day.

( side note I have had the impulse to start drinking Chaga again myself recently)


We need everyone to participate in shaping our future

Communism has been let out, will be rejected, and consume those that created it, will take some years.

The system will collapse around us. We will remain.

Spike protein - three folded proteins - prion - cause brain malfunctions that will continue over the next few years.

Clif treats exposure to vaccinated people as exposure, not infection. Like dust or allergen exposure

We do not know what determines active shedding.

Removing yourself from them and cleaning has the non-vaccinated get better.


Biden wants 70% of the population vaccinated by July 4th

It is claimed we are at 48% are vaccinated; Clif thinks this number is too high

if we do get 70% injected and half die, that number is close to the old projected number from the reports.

Military intelligence reports have projected large-scale American deaths in the future - half of 70% would do it.


Claimed conspiracy theories - showing up as real


Stolen election


Near the end, if things are showing up as true

TPTB have f'd up

Communism, Covid, UFOs cannot be controlled. Cannot control BLM

Signs of collapse: TP shortage last year, computer chips this year, price of money, etc.


SOC - Self Organizing Collective - may have known about all of this and have been preparing for decades

Navy UFO images released in 2017 after 10/31/20, photos from a decade earlier

The SOC - knew that we would be here now, may have things, ideas set in place.

They may have rigged things years back to get UFO info released

Humans are xenophobic - a survival trait- unlikely all aliens are good

Space aliens will take racism out of us - will spend xenophobia trying to figure out which are good or bad aliens.

Dr. Greer saying all space aliens are good is wrong

Hypothetically the SOC has plans, resources, and materiel in place

Civilization is collapsing, so nothing better to do, build until that happens

America driving the collapse, the elite will be undone here, dislodged here

It will be resolved by even temperament, no screeching, an even push back, corralling the aberrant

The events that led to the unveiling in 2017 in so many different areas, including aliens, have reached their culmination

It's not a coincidence that all kinds of messaging had stopped when it was finished and not needed

Events are so eminent that you can't get ahead of them.

In all of this right now.

Disclosure was set in motions decades ago, Timing not in control of the deep state.

It is not a timed distraction from election audits.

Deep state players Biden et al. l will try to derail what is coming in June - they do not want any more UFO disclosure.

They will try to deny it, degrade it, don't want any more UFO disclosure, upset about it.

Clif does not think it will be that distracting.

We will be playing American Woolette with or without aliens

A lot of this shit comes together in July

For all of us individuals, it is better for everything frightening to be out in the open as this is going down.

The SOC knows we are all playing American Woolette, and it is not a game.

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