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So I go over to my mother's house yesterday. And I sit down and start talking to her as I usually do. About this that and the other. I have told her things over the past 10 + year's that she never believes to begin with. And always ends up finding out later that this stuff has been real all along. And now the military is supposedly reporting out there to everyone that we have vehicles in our sky's that are not human made. And that they are ET. So I sit and am discussing things with her. And she remembers some stuff that she heard about the ETs. And she looks at me, and her eyes get real big. And she goes, now they are telling us-saying. That ETs are real. It was so funny. So many times I have tried to tell her and other family members that I have seen and whitnessed. Now they are slowly letting this out of the bag. Whether it's the real stuff or not I'm not 100% sure of. I said to her. I have been trying to tell you guy's this stuff for so long and no one wanted to listen. When you have eye whitnesses. That have seen these things. And as for me, I have been chased by airal craft before of something not of ours. I am 100% sure of. And have seen beings inside craft, that look like no human. You or I have seen before. And everyone all this time doubting loved one's telling them stories about these things. And being treated like they are crazy or something. And yet going to believe people that have all the motive in the world to hide stuff from us. But I just thought it was great her coming out saying this. One of the last people I thought would ever get a grasp that these things could really be out there. It really is a great time to be alive people. We may just be around to see some very interesting things come about. 😁

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