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Tippy woo - Explorers' Guide to SciFi World  7-18-21



Summary Notes:

TPTB supply order in society - may not be order we like but it is order.

The Big Question- what shall we do know that we know that the election was stolen?


Conflict between faction in Germany and Belgium - could lead to partial break up of the EU

Flooding in Germany rivers. 150 dead, 1000s missing. Warnings failed. No evacuations happened in advance. It was flash lfoods

Atmospheric rivers hitting Europe  now- from reduced sun spots, coronal holes, high energy particles cause more clouds very high up, retention of rain creates atmospheric rivers. More uptake off ocean due to increase ultra violet rays from the sun. Some of the rain hitting Europe could be water from the Pacific and the Arctic. It travels high and far.

The globalists have a problem as a result of rain.

So many chem trails in the northern hemisphere since 1969 it has effected the atmosphere.

It contributed to low Vit D levels in the pop. The haze cut the UVB needed for Vit D

Vast acres flooded come through Germany - drain into Belgium and Holland.

The problem in part caused by German green party.

The Green Party stopped dredging of rivers. Caused mud flood into Belgium.

EU in danger of balkanizing - EU not popular

Covid vaccines - depopulation thing. Covid and the vaxx an agenda


It all comes down to ballooning on the Big Question

The globalists future depends on how we answer the Big Question

How the US reacts over the next weeks will determine how things shape up.

Other countries watching us to see how we react.

Tipping point

Globalists will discover chaos - not the gloabl theater of chaos - but real chaos.

61% and rising knows the globalists cheated in the elections.

Building tension and release can be good or bad.


July 23-28. Release of emotional tension - do not know if it is good or bad release.

There is a spike  of building tension within the release. False Flag?

Are both related to the Big Question?

More info  coming about the audits, big steal - emotions releasing

Whatever the spike is, it does not maintain high emotion.

The big question is a fulcrum. As more and more people see the truth, things will tip into the future.

Rush into future chaos, not their structured chaos


We do  not have the economic conditions to support communism.

Dollar also hinging on the Big Question

If the Big Question is unresolved for 4 years - the petro dollar will not exist,  We will all be locked down into a gulag, US, CAN, Mex

If the Big Question is resolved we can resurrect the economy fairly quickly - people doing economic activity

Globalist way structured economy - fit into their categories - or don;'t exist in the economy with opportunity

It is not systemic racism that screwed the Millennial, and Boomers

Boomers are poor - too high debt levels - can't retire.

The US could become a petro dollar empire or a constitutional republic with our own dollar.

We could create a new paradigm for the global to operate under - not the globalists paradigm

Globalists getting natural snap back - due keeping their system in place longer than is normal

The earth is responding to the chemtrails with a snap back


Trans movement - nature is not broken - psychiatrists are breaking humans.


Tippy woo - heading towards a re resolution in mere weeks.

July month of Panic

Aug - month of Change - tipping visible by 15th of Aug

Sept - past the tip of the spike of release

Collapse of globalist - eroding petro dollar, illusions breaking up

We will use dollars even if it is not a petro dollar or reserve currency

People will not just give us stuff for dollar - if lose reserve currency - we will have to work for it

Choice - Biden cheated- we don't care, or we are going to do something about it.

What else has been obscured?

Embrace the chaos - symbols are important

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