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Near the end clif touched upon the enzyme protein Nagalase (dragon-snake).  I'm not sure if I posted on this before but there's quite a story behind it.  In short not only does it disable your auto-immune system as mentioned by clif BUT:

- it prevents the absorption of vit-D,

- is found in high concentrations in autistic children,

- and is known to cause type-2 diabetes.


The story has been around for a while, more recently Dr. Broer discussed it on the Hagman and Hagman report.  He also added in the interview that he's is in no way suicidal.  He was murdered shortly after that interview which I think was put down as suicide.  The interviews on CensorTube are long gone but I'll find a link elsewhere if anyone wants.  MANY holistic doctors were murdered by the cancer/pharma industry trying to get this information out to people since Dr. Yamamoto's work in 1998.


Here's the reason I've followed it a long time -- NAGALASE HAS BEEN ADDED TO MANY DIFFERENT VACCINES FOR A LONG TIME.  It is a depopulation agent which is why people bringing this up in the past were murdered by the pharma (eugenics) industry.  Considering the link with autistic children that would include the 72 childhood vaccinations.


What clif is discussing is spot on - the entire pharma-disease-cancer industry is based on death, illness, CREATING cancer and illnesses on an industrial level and this goes back to Frederick. Taylor Gates (JD. Rockefeller's bagman) thought to be William H. Gates III (Bill Gates Jr.) grandfather under a different name (William H. Gates I).


Just wanted to add this to add a bit more to clif's excellent video.

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12 hours ago, Crazy Charlie said:

never stop laughing ..

Listening to the quack, you just can't help it. Shaking your head in disbelief is also an involuntary reaction that is to be experienced. If that is, you have any critical thinking skills.

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