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In the same way they attempted to create division between the vaxxed and unvaxxed; black vs. white; antifa vs. chud, etc. I wonder if they can create a divide between the have's and the have nots?

Here's the story they may trot out: We can all enter the mark the of the beast system where everybody gets "free" money... but we ALL have to enter it or none of us can.

Of course, many of the "have's" will see through the "temptation" and say no. We don't want the mark of the beast for any amount of money. All while they sit comfortably on their properties with their preps and arms.

The poor "have nots" may be more ammenable to take the mark of the beast for the promises of riches (Amidst famine and hyperinflation). But they'll be told that they can only have "their" free money if all the "have's" agree as well (Or the have's were dead).

I wonder what will happen? Has this rehersal of setting the the vaxxed against the vaxxers opened enough eyes to the pathetic game being played by the DS (Devil Spawn)?

Will the poor people set themselves against the have's ... or will they ally with the have's to take out - once and for all - the DS who have been squawking their lies and threats and strip mining our people and planet for nay on decades now.
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AstorChicken, the haves have been pitted against the have-nots for centuries.  The United States became so wealthy the have-nots were simply broke on such a higher level, they saw no reason to go after the haves.  


It may be that we are seeing true evil being exposed.  In the past true evil has been able to hide in the halls of Congress because most of us paid almost no attention to what was happening in DC.  To a large extent that changed with the election of Donald Trump.  He forced us to focus on what was happening in Congress and how detrimental its actions were to most of us.  That continues to this day much to the chagrin of the Pelosi's, Schumer's and McConnell's.


Add the fact our monetary system is near collapse and may rival Weimar Germany at some point this year will get the attention of those who have never thought they were interested in politics before.


As you pointed out, money cannot be free--it destroys its value completely.

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