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Freqy woo - Explorers' Guide to SciFi World  7-25-21


Summary Notes:

Globalist = people who own private jets and are global. 

People who rent or charter private jets are trying to move up into the globalist class.

They had moved their money to China and were working on destroying the West.

They planned to live like kings in China

China double crossed them.

Now they have no home and are caught out.


Different Ages have different energies, frequencies and rules

Age of Aries - Age of religious domination

Age of Pisces - Age of group think, schools of fish

Age of Aquarius - knowledge is king on an individual level


The globalists will not survive the Age of Aquarius.

Not necessarily killed but the conditions for them to survive ends

To many people wake up


Age of Aquarius -Knowledge is a discovery process, not created or invented. You find knowledge

We are discovering who we are and how we wish to behave

Globalist and CCP - allied control freaks

Globalists and CCP are trying to kill vast numbers of Global pop

All globalists are communists - Orwell war pigs, everything for themselves

US in the process of dealing with embedded communists


Globalists vulnerable because of election fraud.

As we discover how they stole the election , we will discover who stole the election and root out globalists.

Election theft facilitated by CCP, Covid, Vaccines, media

Who in the media is tied to CCP

The media is responsible for everyone who has died from the vaxx

Media people and globalists need to stand trial due to election theft.

Election manipulation/fraud is a federal, treasonous offense.

It's a capital crime ( punishable by death). Bad actors will spill the beans

Who did what, why and at whose behest?


We will also have to deal with international actors

USA pop now aligned with Global pop in dealing with globalists and election theft.

Their elections are being stolen by the same how and who.

US will set up a model for revealing and dealing with election fraud that will be copied around the world

The US will be the center of attention for the planet for 2021 and 2022.

If we do this correctly there will not be anymore - there will never be large scale national shooting wars again.


US in charge of this movement because it happened here

US will lead to the end of war, globalism and communism - with elite on top of everyone else.

Clif thinks it will lead to sci fi world. true equality and true equality of opportunity globally - all slaves freed

Humanity will cure the infirm, education for everyone - we will go to space.

Clif did not think he would get to se this - he excited to see sci fi world and space travel.

Universe kicked him back into his body after cancer death - did not give him a choice

He spent 2 yrs rebuilding himself because he did not want to be an infirm old man in this time.

He wants to participate in this time.


We are in WWIII now. 

it's on every continent on the planet right now, including Antarctica

Hopefully no shooting - globalists and CCP want that

We are in irregular warfare - you can self select to participate

The US revolutionary war - locals started to group together and fight. 

They caused problems for the enemy without being an army

Irregular locals could harry the organized red coats

Regular army did not interfere, local groups were helpful

At some point the professionals take over

Counter insurgency - very well defined - must really know the law of war

Who are combatants, who are sympathetic to who?

As an irregular self selected combatant needs to know rights and responsibilities.

Flow with the large movement and not cause problems.


The globalists have infiltrated the US with an insurgency

USA pop is forming the counter insurgency. 1) military 2) population

Civilian command structure has been infiltrated and captured - that is what the elections are about

The military must find natural leaders that rise up in the pop because of a power vacuum

The command structure is captured and illegal - groups will form to to protect families and communities

People will glom onto natural leaders

Military will surreptitiously support natural leaders.

Cannot have a counter insurgency which is military alone - that becomes an occupation

Globalists would like an occupation because then people will fight the military.

The military is reinforcing the idea that the command structure is illegal and is supporting natural leaders.

The population, normies must begin to realize we are at war.

It is inevitable that the natural leaders will win.

Question is how many people will suffer until then

Universe provides and guides - the frequencies get men get up off the couch and act.

The people that are natural leaders will be triggered and have no choice.

They will not see themselves historically - but we will see new George Washington and Thomas Paines.


Aug - change will happen, not just seeing elite panicking

July - panicking

Aug -war breaking out into the open - strange - you will have to research to see it.

Cannot focus too much on individual enemies

Will end up with A Global Revolution - a global constitution - probably based off US constitution

Will come out of the [Great Meeting]

Infiltration not required -people wild want it

It will take 18 years to wind down

Over Woo reaches peak in 2025

War - can be injured physically, financially, legally

Get strong, we are at war, get diet right, get good sleep - it may go kinetic ( shooting), it may not, but it will be stressful. 

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15 minutes ago, Greenmeadow said:

we are at war

title and  DATE  ?


if you have done this on a  small  smart phone  i am highly impressed ..

(  i recently got an  android   for me its a nightmare  ..)

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3 hours ago, Crazy Charlie said:

title and  DATE  ?


if you have done this on a  small  smart phone  i am highly impressed ..

(  i recently got an  android   for me its a nightmare  ..)


This is a summary I did earlier but I added it to the public front page

Title and date added.


No way I would do this on my phone.

These kind of notes I do on my desk top. Keyboards needed.

I only type with one finger on my phone.... hahah


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