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Ancient 'Fasces' Energy Weapons? :

PART 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBC3RznNIlI
PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltm39s_G6gg

Macrocosmically, it seems as if "civilisation" rises, falls (Is destructively turned to dust) and is "reset" with remnant survivors to multiply over the earth again.

"All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again".

The "great filter" we're facing as a civilisation right now (Or Holy Grail we are seeking) could be discovering how the hell we stop this cycle.

In the same way philospher / strategists may examine past wars to understand cause, effect and conclusions we need to examine the entire rise and fall of each reset and figure out what the "triggers", levers and "hooks" are that we can manipulate in order to guide ourselves through the reset.

Though maybe that small minority of nutters who figure it out turn out to be the remnant survivors for founding the next civilisation after the reset has occurred?

If this "rise and fall" is a flaw in our very fundamental being as a species... maybe there's actually a reason why THEY are trying to genetically modify the species? Maybe THEY are trying to control the reset in a way that suits themselves by choosing who survives?
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During the Iraq invasion THEY deployed drone strikes on civilians.

Some guys over there got hold of laptops, radio equipment and a couple $29.99 software packages (SkyJammer? SkyGrabber?) and with this were able to observe drone serveillance feeds and even interact with the drones directly as the comms were unsecured.

Who would have thought the mighty US military would be so stupid as to not secure their comms? Just as well someone was willing to find out just how stupid.

Imagine being so afraid of these flying weapon platforms that could be turned against their makers so easily. Even once the comms become encrypted they can still be white-noised with appropriate frequencies.

There are laser fences designed to automatically destroy mosquitoes, could that tech be amplified to reveal and burn drones and keep them out of areas? (And also destroy Gate's bio-weapon mosquitoes)

So what are we missing now with regards to DEW's? It's not enough to protect ourselves with blue tarps, we need a mirror that can bounce whatever that shit is right back wherever it came from and destroy the platform. Also, if it's an invisible UFO / Drone being used as a DEW platform, it may still have comms that can be disrupted. Even if it's using an invisibility cloak (As also seen in Iraq) then that may be possible to render inoperable.

Those guys in Iraq had nothing but they succeeded in disrupting drone strikes by downloading a bit of windoze software onto a laptop. What's our next moves to mitigate these DEW's?

Examination of patents? Discover what energy requirements are necessary for the laser implementation and from that deduce the size of weapon platform required and what energy tech would be needed to power it. Are they using NEW / ANCIENT tech to power the lasers? The power source itself may still be vulnerable to something relatively primitive. An EMP perhaps? Are their ancient mythologies depicting defensive devices that could help us now?

In the Frank Herbert DUNE story, lasers were initially a fearsome weapon. However, they were then rendered somewhat impractical due to the development of an energy shield that would destroy the originating laser in a catastrophic explosion if it intersected.

If we can build a hypothetical model of what these weapons are then we can build a model of mitigation, a shield, but we need a shield that also offers an offensive counter capable of exacting a price on an attacker.

We're the military now. We're the doctors now. We're the teachers, builders, artists, technicians, scientists, farmers. We're all that's left. As we keep hearing: Nobody is coming to save us. Those guys in Iraq knew nobody was coming to save them so they had to save themselves and downloading that winblows program probably saved countless lives. We may be in the same situation and we should start brainstorming solutions, serveillances, monkey-wrenches and counters right now. Things may not be so hopeless as they might seem.
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