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critical thinking - June 14, Zero - WooSci - Summer-Year Zer0

WBF Monk

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The 'innovative' time is here, and is explained as follows:


He describes this 'innovation' era as being all the manufacturing in China coming back to the western world.


The western world began importing a lot in the 1980's, because it was cheaper for Walmart so as to sell it cheaper.


By the mid 1990's, all manufacturing was exported due to corporate owned government, and Clinton's communist leanings, as well as greed for money and power.


Today, the cheap semi-slave labor at 25 cents an hour cannot compete with a machine.


One person can own a steel building and all the machines in it, and produce whatever widget you desire. The computer will even shut it down, if something goes wrong. Zero payroll.


A  machine operated production in China costs the same as one elsewhere in the world. Their dominance is nullified by the rise of cheap computers, innovative robots, and the semi-slave labor becoming obsolete.


Hence, the production of 'everything' is leaving China. Whether they innovate or not.


The elimination of labor, shipping, and the 'middle man' spells doom for the manufacturing industry in China.


If I were younger, I would identify an everyday used item, set up a small factory, and start producing. By myself.



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