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I really enjoyed this one too. Does fermenting foods automatically make vitamin D? I thought it was fat soluble so in that case cabbage wouldn't do it, but milk and cream would? How is it separated and concentrated? There is Lanolin based vitamin D supplements so is that fermented somehow in its production? I'd really like to learn how to make my own.

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Oh... haha.. 'Butter milk', hence the aptly named video title. I was clearly mostly distracted when I listened to this this first time.  Interestingly I had already brewed apples to make cider, distilled the cider for the ethanol, made many different tinctures with that ethanol including one of Amanita muscaria that I didn't try yet. I will after hearing beer was made with Psilocybin in preatomist times. Also made vinegar from the the remains and different metallic acetates from the vinegar and distilled those to make medicinal metallic tinctures and it goes on. You are right Clif, fermentation is the key.

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