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The Data Gap in the webbots reports are a period of time where the data gathering drops from 99% to virtually zero. The data gap starts in March 2012 and continues till May 2013. After May 2013 the data regains some data, approximately 1% of the data before the data gap.


Refer to previous reports at halfpasthuman.com and latest interviews including Kevin Smith show interview.


How Webbots work:


To try to understand the data gap you first need to understand what is the data that the webbots pick up.


The webbots work on the premise that everyone is psychic and psychic impressions leak out in our everyday work including impressions of the future. Such mechanisms include instinct.


Remember when you were at a traffic light and the walk sign was green, but for some reason you felt compelled not to cross the street. Then a moment later a truck goes flashing by and if you had not listened to your instinct, you would have been hit by the 60mph truck.


Instinct or psychic leaks come in different formats from feelings you feel, to words you use in either verbal or written format.


Imagine a cube farmer that blogs on facebook. For the last year he uses the word busy to signify how little time he has due to workload from work. Suddenly just this week instead of writing/saying "I am so busy at work, I can't make the movies tonight" he changes it to "I am so inundated with work, I can't make it to the carnival".


Why the sudden change from the word busy to the word inundated. Is the future leaking information about a flood in the future by subconsciously getting you to the change your word use from "busy" to "inundated"?



Latest Information:


Shape 10 did not have much information on the data gap but correspondence with members of the Webbotforum members have discovered some new information.


> 4) Finally and most importantly, what is your opinion of the data gap now after

> the last run?



i am now of the opinion that it is a software error that created the problem. Also the problem, unfortunately for us (maybe/likely) is that the gap is not the artifact of programming, but rather that *any data* shows up after May of 2013.

Sorry to tell you that. So the gap is 'natural', and it was the way i had the lexicon functioning that returned 'false positives', even though a low number. When the lexicon is internally within a range of emotional constraints (e.g. hueristic based sql indexing constraints, and tempdb is eliminated as an issue by only running extract queries (no simultaneous loading of any key (trigger hosting) cells), there is no data after May 20th (or so) 2013.


Sorry, no. You misunderstand. Data gap is a 'natural' phenomenon. The recurrance of data

after 5/2013 is the processing artifact.


The gap effect has already started in modelspace and simply is totally complete by 6.2013.

Also do not know what causes the gap. But at least now we know it is not a gap so much as a winding down and stoppage.

So unknown effects now are gradually (over 2011 into 2013) causing the stoppage of data.

This *may* be good news in the sense that this pattern *would* fit a degradation of the



> You said, that the data gap could happen because of the shutdown of the internet.

> We're discussing this topic ..... but I still don't get it, how a future shutdown

> could have an effect on your actual data inflow?

> ....

> A shutdown of the internet would only affect your ability to collect future data IN



> Let's assume the internet is switched off tommorrow. Then we would still have

> your actual ALTA #10 in our hands with all the infos about the future. You would

> just lose the medium to collect newer data. So it would just result in "no more

> ALTAs", but not in "complete stop of data leaking through". Why? Because it leaked

> through already.


> Or where is my error in reasoning?



This is not an input issue per se. It is not a case of interruption of my data flow specifically so much as a forecast (pyschically) of some coming generalized ???? problem such as a general communications problem like maybe a world war, or a mass fainting due to spacegoatfarts covering planet.....not really a forcast of datus interruptus...it is as though an individual psychic person, used to being able to see out 2 to 3 years, found that for some unknown reason, their future-vision now only extends out to say 8 months....does that explanation make sense?


> Q. You stated that after May 2013, you saw no data. Can you clarify please.

> a. No data

> b. There is data but it does not map to your current lexicon


correct. No data.




Firstly, the data gap is actually a data drop as the small snippets (1%) of data past May 2013 were the artifact of programming errors and in Clif's words "it is not a gap so much as a winding down and stoppage."


Secondly, it is psychic leaks that drop in March 2012 and then stop in May 2013 and not the medium (like the internet).


So what is it?




1) Data drop starting March 2012 to May 2013 could be due to massive die off from various factors (sun, world war 3, etc)


2) Data drop starting March 2012 to May 2013 could be due to massive amnesia affect due to electromagnetic forces from the Sun or the centre of the galaxy or elsewhere.



Let's examine the amnesia affect from a theory by a member Alton:



As this part of the reports has developed over the the past couple of years it becomes more clear that death is NOT required to fulfill the linguistics.


In this latest report the first few pages lay out quite clearly the most probable, and to my mind the most likely cause of the data gap...it will be due to the wildly fluctuating and at times quite intense electrical and magnetic events that we will soon be experiencing from the sun and perhaps elsewhere in the cosmos.


As we approach this period of the data gap we are already starting to see the effects in the reports. Yes, there IS more immediacy data simply because we have already entered the on ramp for this trip down the cosmic highway and we are accelerating up to speed. Do notice though that there is much less data/information from the period known as the data gap. This will become more glaringly apparent as we progress through the summer and autumn and as Clif releases more and shorter reports (per HIS plan).


This has been discussed on previous iterations of this forum and continues to be mentioned on this forum. I'll bring it up again because it sets the context for understanding what we are facing.


The only clear and at commonly read account of this is in the Hebrew Torah (book of the law) and in the Christian Bible. In both it is found in the book of Genesis. At the tower of Babel (Gen. 11:1-ff) it is recorded that God did "confound" the language of humanity such that no one could communicate with another in the spoken language they previously shared. In the early to mid 20th century there were many experiments done on people (psychiatric patients) using electricity. One of the results of these experiments was that some of the patients lost the capacity to understand their previously known and spoken language. It was as if the knowledge of that language had been erased or deleted from their brains. Were humanity gathered in a central location and exposed to an electrical discharge from space it is reasonable to conclude a similar effect.


Looking at the most recent report and the one just released the data indicates such things will occur once again on the earth. Though in this current report there is more emphasis on the southern hemisphere this does NOT preclude such events from occurring in the northern hemisphere.


Such cosmic discharges will indeed have an effect on people. We can only speculate on the extent of those effects but we can be certain that such effects will literally stun some people instantly reducing them to drooling imbeciles. When the brain/mind is exposed to such levels of these energies we can also be certain that the "psychic component" of that particular human will also be disrupted. It is this disruption that will produce the data gap. If your mind is toast you won't even comprehend what is before your eyes let alone be able to contribute to humanity's "psychic network". Without such collective contributions then naturally a gap will open. Will deaths occur due to these events? Of course. The Grim Reaper doesn't take vacations regardless of what you've seen on "Family Guy". Will there be a mass death such as has been mentioned in the reports and discussed in these pages? It's quite doubtful. I have no doubt that the more physically and/or mentally frail will die from the shock and awe (NO pun intended) of the experience. But the mentally and physically healthy will endure and perhaps even fully recover over the course of time. But as far as a mass death of humanity (billions dead) from these events it is most unlikely. We've seen many videos on youtube where people were directly struck by lightning, some even twice, and they lived and retained their mental faculties.


It is also interesting to note that these electical/magnetic effects are seen at the root of much of what is in this latest report concerning both humanity and terra. The "strange fires", the dendritic ideograph, earth's toroid, multiple poles (called "bipolar" terra events in the report), terra intrusions and more are direct results of electrical/magnetic interactions between the earth/sun/cosmos.


I realize that some would like to connect these with the passage of comet Elenin but that comet will NOT be the cause of these things. Elenin may exacerbate them. Conversely, Elenin may serve to mitigate these effects. At this point it is simply unknown. What is known is that Elenin will also be subject to the same solar weirdness as we are. At this point all that I would expect is a spectacularly long tail lighting up our night sky for months. This tail will provide much ionized material to enhance visually the electrical effects from the sun. It may even serve as a sort of screen for holographic images such as those in the alleged "Project Blue Beam". If you can still think of it by that time, have your cameras ready as the universe should be presenting some "interesting" images in a sky near you.






It seems something big is about to affect our consciousness and ability to read psychic leaks. Whether there may be a mass die off or people suddenly become all telepathic or we are whizzed off into a new dimension....


Whatever it is, we are in for an interesting ride!!

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