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[gold standard] - temporal marker for [greatest wealth transfer in history]


Originally Posted by GroundRod


My personal opinion is that it will be a generation before gold even gets back to 1:1, it will remind to many people of the Banksters and how they stole everything from them with their scheming fiat scams. Silver will become King of trade with farmers, ranchers and those with something extra of value, not gold, which will have a negative emotion for most in the western world, for many years to come...




Originally Posted by giuseppe


GR, you think Silver will be worth more in value than Gold?

Do you base it on supply, or something other. i just think that is an interesting thought.



Sorry it's taking me so long to respond to this, once I found your question, remembered right away when asked in our latest interview with him, Richard Sauder mentioned something about Silver worth more than Gold. Could have been mistaken, if I find that time index in the 4 hour interview, will let you know.


Anyway, regardless had to not think about this question for an additional week, then just today the answer popped into my head. Here goes....


Imagine this scenario: As the dollar plunges into worthlessness and the federal reserve is dissolved, a new form of currency will arise. It must or all aspects of the central control structure would crumble. A new form of script or 'binary only' money to pay the troops with (as it were-minions & the like) must be very believable, so I'm starting to suspect it will be backed by Gold, as many commentaries have hinted at, or at least that is the line which will be preached on MSM. Who's really going to know if it's backed by physical or not? For the most part they have it tucked away somewhere and can only show us endless pictures of it all, being newly accounted for. Most of us will feel there is no choice, but to swallow the pill and accept the new rations allocation that comes with it.


Now another aspect to this story, as these folks running this theater play aren't stupid and so I'm sure they have thought of this: Those individuals, that have a heavy Gold allocation in their portfolio are likely to love this new currency and the large amount of this 'new money' they can acquire with only one small oz of physical. Many once alienated by distaste for the crimes from a past system & leadership failures, can now be welcomed back into the fold, cheerfully given access to all the security cards and new encryption plastic to accounts filled to overflowing for having the keen insight and taken physical possession of the metal Gold, all they need do is relinquish possession of it, possibly to one of the newly 'authorized' dealers and all their past sins will be forgiven.


But what of the other 99.9% of the population that has no Gold saved and was relying on the US Dollar for all their saving and retirement plans? As Jules would say: Sorry, bad luck mate, the stuff hyper-inflated it's way to oblivion over that last week, while the banks had to be closed.


Which brings me back to Silver. Allot of folks are going to be really pi$$ed off about this, and want nothing to do with the new currency or with Gold or it's digital equivalent.


Instantly (or not, still gnawing on that) an unofficial trade & barter economy will form, some of it based on Silver and that part of it rapidly discounting the new official Gold backed digital currency for things that really matter, like food. Energy is a tricky point, will it be allowed to fall into the hands of non-participants in the new currency? Don't know the answer to that either, but my guess is it will be very hard to come by without participation. That goes for all it's forms, like electricity, auto fuel, heating oil, etc...As for having Internet access, one must assume it will be only available to those participating in the new currency.


It's under these conditions (or something similar) for which I see Silver take the lead and the physical metal become more valuable than Gold.


At this point many of you reading this scenario probably see allot of questions come to mind, remember I'm just brainstorming ideas & trying to answer giuseppe's question....


So this brings me to an important point about divide and conquer that has worked so well for centuries in controlling the human animals. Which side of this divide will you be standing on, when the dust appears to have settled? Think long and hard about what factors would drive you to side with Gold and who it stood for. If handing over a 100oz bar of Gold could make you a billionaire on the one hand, and possibly get you killed as an elitist for trying to sell it on the black market for less value than a 100oz of Silver was worth, in the other. Which side of this trade are you going to gravitate to?


Regardless, in this imaginary world scenario, the metal Silver would then have become more valuable than Gold and at the same time become the metal of choice for only thieves, criminals and those other anonymous folks out in cyberspace trying to destroy our system and world governance.

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