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bbbshbuild’s Creed


First I don't consider myself a 'citizen'...I find the idea offensive. I am much more than a label.


Second, it's their system. Not broken but poisonous. It needs to become irrelevant. While to an extent, we must live in it, we can also move to live beside it and then outside it.


It's a process of actions, not a one-time action. We are fed the idea that 'it just is', it's what we have, it's where our options lie. That is false. We can create anything through correct action. Actions that are not driven by programs, or fear, or money, but in a nutshell, by love. By the purity of actions derived from that foundation.


In the moment, it's the simple actions that will propel humanity toward that thing we desire. It's not anywhere in the 'system' it's within us. It's in the five words another hears you speak and then says to another. In that small amount of awakening that creates change in someone on a level much larger than an exterior tangible item.


You want tangible actions....

I try to give more than take.

I try to love those that hate.

I try to be honest even at personal risk.

I try to not live as though 'things' make a person.

I try to reduce reliance on outside things for reliance on self.

I try to help anyone I can in the realization of how they have been deceived.

I also try to allow them their process. etc


I was taught from birth to work toward a goal, an exterior goal. That is wrong. I now work for an interior goal and the exterior forms from that.


The need to see what new 'thing' will take shape is a programmed need. It keeps people from moving away from the system because they cannot see where to go.


I don't need to see where to go, I let it unfold through 'correct action'. Just keep moving forward. It's simple actions that matter not huge ones. The huge just appear one day after a multitude of small. The 'give it to me now' mentality does not work, it's a process, it takes effort and time.


There is one very key element for me.........Right thought and right action ALWAYS work out EVEN when they appear fruitless. Herein lies a trust. A trust in universe and its inherent need for continuing.


The 'system' is a box. Once I could see outside it, I could move toward more. My more, not yours, not someone else’s, mine. As individuals, we can collectively, find the 'thing' so many desire.


You ask for a simple answer to a question that, while being simple, takes intricate effort and strength to arrive at. The idea that it could or need be read in some instruction book is a programmed idea. It needs to be found. In finding it we develop the things it needs to be built of, that it could be.

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