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Kuzushi (breaking opponent's balance)...


Kuzushi (breaking opponent's balance)...


Albert Westbrook was what left of a man after he is taken to foreign lands and blown up.


Albert Westbrook had been to several of Corporate-america's wars, serving, in parts and pieces left here, and there, with distinction, if not understanding.


Mostly Albert had fought in sand pits so hot the inside of his eyelids sweated while sleeping. There was one time... one glorious month of fire-fight hell in which he lost his ring finger and a bit of colon, when he fought in the cool of the mountains, and it was good. Albert did not like the heat.


He had been born at home, a rarety for his age group, but his parents were ultra right religious bible beaters, who would actually take their heavy leather covered, germanic version bibles and beat the snot out of their kids or anyone else not able to resist their tantrums, to them, the local cath-o-lic hospital was the vatican's road to hell...and thus Albert was born at home, in Gainsbury, K-Y. Where it was hot.


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