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NOBODY gets across to the other side without taking a leap of faith

Joy in Hawaii

Bitcoin is a result of Inspiration. It remained only an idea for a tool/weapon until the right catalyst came along, the mysterious Satoshi. When that catalyst was added a sort of Spiritual Bose-Einstein condensate was created and the Inspiration/Idea was born into the consciousness of Satoshi. It was time, it was the Karios of the Times. Bitcoin slipped into Universe's pre-planned spot as easily as a famous foot into a glass slipper. THAT is why I support Bitcoin.


One of the very first things we must re-establish is Trust. And included in that Trust is a trust in the unseen. From a beautiful poster in my basement: "All that I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all that I have not seen." Ralph Waldo Emerson


Yes, it goes back to a much more naive age, but isn't that exactly what we are told is the key? The return to the sense of childlike wonderment and trust? It's the antidote to the jaded cold reptile like creatures we've become. And it sounds like alot of PollyWallyDoodleTwaddle if you are only living in that half-life in that half-world because you refuse to see the other side of the coin aaaaand the depth that now gives your world an added dimension that gives you perspective.


I'm talking trust on a level unseen in the modern world for a very long time. If you want to see an example of living a life of complete trust, read the adventures of Anastasia in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" series.


This whole Bitcoin phenomena has been brought about to re-establish TRUST. So if you're really having trouble with Bitcoin, it might behoove you to look deep inside and find out where it is that your having trust issues in your personal life. NOBODY gets across to the other side without taking a leap of faith....and trusting that you will land safely on the other side. This is a test, people. It's only a test.....but it involves far more than mere coins and paper.

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