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Since the early years of the webbots, Clif High has seen a discontinuity or data gap in the webbots long term forecasting. As we get closer, the discontinuity has come into clear view starting in March 2012 yet for all intense and purposes, the discontinuity still remains a mystery. During this period the data grows holes which make forecasting impossible. Forecasting correctly and incorrectly is one thing, but what could happen that makes the data impossible to forecast?


Before we proceed it is important to understand the premise of the webbots which has successfully forecasted the language (including very close timing) associated with such events as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Boxing Day Tsunami, the USA North East Power Outage, the Chinese and Pakistan Earthquakes and the 2008 Financial Crises pegged on October 7, 2008. The webbots working theory is that all humans are psychic and can see/feel the future today. This can happen in many different ways, one way familiar to all of us is through instinct. Ever had a gut feeling something bad was about to happen and then ½ a minute later you drop and crack your coffee mug or lock your car with the keys still inside! People leak these impressions of the future in many ways including through the words they choose to use. When talking or writing , why did you choose that word, that adjective or noun compared to another?


See halfpasthuman.com and Clif’s long list of interviews to get a better understanding of how the webbots work.


So why is the discontinuity so important? Ignoring speculation ON what the data discontinuity is, here are the main reasons why in my opinion, I think the data discontinuity is significant.



Number 1: Long Time Coming

The data discontinuity or data gap has been in the data for a very long time in the webbots long term forecasting. It is likely that the discontinuity has been in the data at the very start and was missed or skipped over since it was so far in the future. So among the numerous past successful forecasts and numerous missed forecasts, the data discontinuity has been in the shadows, creeping up in time. This indicates that something significant will occur.




Number 2: Time after Time

The data discontinuity throughout the webbot runs has centred into a period from March 2012 to May 2013 with most of the data holing / granularity lost by Summer 2012 (July 2012). Run after run, the data brings back the data gap for the same period in time. Again this indicates that something significant will occur.



Number 3: Release As Far as the Eye Can See

The data discontinuity coincides with a perpetual release that goes on to the very limits that the webbots can see into the future (just into 2014). Life is about ups and downs, building and release of tension. What causes this long perpetual release starting in March 2012? Again this indicates that something significant will occur.



Number 4: Release Increases not Decreases

Previous releases have had the impact of high release which slowly decreased over time. Some examples include the 2008 Financial Crisis and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. What is different this time is that the release increases with time. What could cause not only a perpetual release but a release that gain in intensity as it progresses? Again this indicates that something significant will occur.





Buckle Up, March 9 is not that far off.


Articles and Sites for new information on the Discontinuity:


- urbansurvival.com

- halfpasthuman.com

- fifthorderhouse.com

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