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(Dottore salvatore è falsa)...doctor sal is bogus...


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(Dottore salvatore è falsa)...doctor sal is bogus...

in my opinion.


In a while i will watch his video again to do a greater analysis as this is a good one, but i am of the opinion that "doctor sal" is bogus...that is to say, his 'warning from space aliens' is as good as, as reliable as, any other channelled information, which, so far to date, has had an abysmally bad track record.


In this case, according to dottore sal, it is NASA that is channelling these unknown creatures via the mechanism of Haarp. An interesting twist, but after that, the entire script is a duplicate of all the other 'intergalactic telepathic contactee' scripts that are out and about on the internet. None of which, in my opinion, are actual contacts, and, if they are, they are worthless as they provide no more information than we had before the channeling.

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