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Was The Election Honest? What About Computer "Glitches?"

WBF Monk



Of course the election was honest and fair, and represents the will of the people who want an inclusive, sustainable, diverse, green new world. But what about those nagging questions about the computer software? We talk with legendary computer software programmer Clif High, who tells everything was just fine. See part two of this conversation on our Patreon site.


Part two is being edited and will be posted on Patreon soon.


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What a very cool interview. I want to hear the rest. Hearing this when it first showed up here helped me understand what we are up against and be a little calmer.



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The Election was not fair, to many test have been run on the software created for the CIA to affect other countrys elections,and has proven that it shifted votes to biden to many fake ballots showed up after the cut off, and ballots were found to have been printed in China and pre marked for biden.

Vid even shows people running the same ballots over again. 

Think what you will when the chi-coms take over and destroy our economy a lot of people will cry. Of course It all could be a fairy tale NOT.

I guess we all could keep on listening to the mainstream media and sleep well however if it is true there is nothing you can do its to late.

On a side not even if you do not like trump he beats the alternative.

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