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The Truth About UFOs, Fake Space Whistleblowers, & Earth's Pole Shift w/ Clif High (Ep. 08)

WBF Monk

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Bless the blue avians who have neutralised the space satellite kill grid. Bless the galactic federation of light for protecting the planet earth from invasion.

The roof of the blue avians battlecruiser is falling in again. Please donate generously as the e-card popup paywalls the rest of the information you need in order to stay alive. Blue avians are all seeing, all wise, all knowing, but *Spwak*... just can't afford to plate their ships properly. They need your american dollars in order to keep you safe. If you believe... if you love... FUCKING PAY FUCKER! MASTERCARD NOW! Else the satellites come back on again!

Thank you blue avians.

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Beware Blue Avian poop, you need the New Improved Poop Shield.  Yes, it looks like a common umbrella but it's been coated with special poop repellent.


Only $299.95, two for $700, three for $1500!  Operators are standing by!

(shipping and handling extra)


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