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Jay Campbell, Michael Jaco and Clif High

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Clif High - Jay Campbell - Jan 22
**Clifs audio was difficult to hear. I made some bullet points 
- Sharp unexpected jolt event jan 28-29. Fake assassination of Biden? gun grab? language around war perhaps?
- Linguists are starting to improve his web bot with gab, Parler etc. less censorship 
- illegitimate admin, knows they are illegitimate, the world knows. How do they maintain the energy around this for 4 years? It’s already cracking up 
- They will run into problem after problem 
- 180 days pentagon UFO release coincides perfectly with Sci-Fi world release language Aug-Sept 2021
- Human origins, new techs, coming out... all threads lead to Antarctica
- Sci-Fi world “breaking through the glass” and "mining for diamonds” for years to  come 
- USA elections Trump return? Same group who put Trump in know what I know especially about CCP. USA will go into a shooting war with CCP in next four years and cannot have Biden in for that. Trump return would work for them for that
- BLM signal largest emotional driver for left, CRT misunderstanding of history. Native Americans genocided by pope Vatican not EU ancestry
- CCP largest trader of organs. Uighur slavery and organ harvesting. Turn slavery meme around on BLM - weaponize them against CCP
- Wokies don’t read. low info get news from late night TV
- Military last mover, every move is calculated. Getting resources together last thing to do is move prematurely. 
- Troops buildup DC - rather not discuss in detail not to reveal - illusion was being created. DNC not comfortable wanted to vet troops
- Supported intimidation “boogaloo boys”
- Jan 6 was not "Reichstag fire" event - sitcom 
- Biden will not last until March advance Alzheimer’s... they’ll keep him up there doing stuff as long as can
- This year is breakout on info space aliens ancient human history - Breaks down power elite structure - year woo
- Long skulls - current cabal feel entitles as inheritors of the alien civilization
- When truth revealed, humans finally understand that we are the wild strain that rebelled ... good luck keeping us down
- Antarctica structures - 5 races of hominids agreed to work together we are the 5th made from the 3rd. Speculation based on works he read from Norwegian
- Yoga and theosophists only have a small fragment reminiscent of the long past of more complete systems 
- Antifa is fascist. need direction. constrained by what they’ve been taught by wokians... if the truth was revealed of the space age opportunities they would drop the Antifa crap. Victimhood is exchanged for massive opportunity
- Leftist movements devolve and savage each other. purity purge 
 - cultural Marxism only ever lasts one generation 
 - Military won’t intervene but let them fight it out 
 - Human or Alien element behind Biden Soros?
 - Clifs mother came from the Cathar tradition - templars - oral traditions kept going in her tradition - centuries. Gnostics, Templars, and Cathars were playing 1,000 years societal plans
 - So, not necessarily alien - just very smart long term thinkers 
 - Covid? Does not mutate .. was mutated in a lab. 2 chunks where 4 had been replaced. In a lab. Bioweapon. CCP screwed up...kills Chinese more easily than others (*mpackman sidenote: was it a screw up, or just maintaining their own population control for upcoming food crisis?)
 - Bad with low Vitamin D people
 - Mutations spread easier is bullshit
 - Harden your body against it ... vitamin D ... don’t eat seed oils ... Asians eat seed oils
 - Chinese population by in large does not supplement. Singapore bodybuilding community was unaffected by CV19
 - CCP will fracture 
 - Staggering year... we’ll get Trump back. Start to see more light April-May
 - Weaponized empathy can be flipped and used by us
 - Mixed messages already on CV19 - They are reporting lower counts, PCR test reversal, but at the same time continuing lockdowns and measures. People are seeing through this ... cracking up.
 - illegitimate government has no moral high ground prone to usurpation 
 - Crypto going gangbusters - Biden wants to add 4T in stimulation - UBI
 - 1923 same approach in Weimar hyperinflation hidden 
 - Crypto to dollar transfer system req.
 - Big financial shift will start next month. How long can keep it going?
 - Escalating gas prices freaks out Biden admin will try price controls and it will fail
 - March 4th start to see hyperinflation 
 - Boycott CCP color fabrics stolen minerals from Uighur land 
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