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Clif High Sends WARNING! Cataclysmic Event?

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Dick mentioned in conversation the other day - https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZQHzh8TTLQcn/ - that it may be possible to fabricate a meta psychic reality in one's own mind and project it.

A ship in a bottle? Conjuring an illusion? A thought projected to the ether? I believe he called it a "mask"?

If we are in some kind of deep warfare that extends beyond mere psychological warfare (Psy-Op) to the psychic realm (Psi-Op?) ( https://youtube.com/watch?v=VA4e0NqyYMw ) then it might be worth keeping in mind that there may be military / private organisations that are creating "masks" to inform, distract and/or misdirect psychic-voyeurs such as Allgire. (And indeed misdirect everybody if we ALL respond too and are connected with a greater psychic "ecology"? - If this were the case then it may also be possible to create a distortion on the webbot data by the organised creation and projection of masks)

What if we're living in a mask right now?

The projection of a "mask" could be an event (A form of black magic?) all of its own to create a desired outcome in the greater population. Very little real world kinetic action needed. (Almost like having the whole world injected with the clotshot due to a rebranded flu based upon a psy-op of little other than lies) It may be possible to create a similar hysteria with psychic phenomenon completely from the shadows.

Can you imagine what might happen if they manipulate all our psychic abilities? What happens if they feed a mask to a largely asleep population whom lack the ability to question it and/or lack the education to internally narrate their own questions about it? What If they use our own psychic's (Or sorcerors) against us by feeding them "masks" and getting them to create "waves" in the populace?

Note: In Herbert's Dune series there were power groups who were forced to perform nefarious activity within a "no-globe" or "no-ship" (A contained atmosphere that shields and hides the people within as well as their actions and thoughts from psychic or "presient" spies). Furthermore, regular people who utilised the 'damnable tarot' - engaged their psychic abilities via a focal tool - in the Dune series were also able to 'muddy the waters' for presient spies.

Way back I also seem to remember that there was talk of a D-WAVE or Q-Com machine. This thing could create false reality by tapping into the energy involved with time / psychic phenomenon (Essentially discovering a way to manage the 100th Monkey effect. I remember one fella - A metaphysicist named Phil Valentine? -- This guy: https://youtube.com/watch?v=TEF3xhyfAco -- suggesting that this machine was able to cause "mandella effects" and that subtle effects of reality fabrication were created as a proof-of-concept advert for the "elites" in order to invigorate investments into the tech)

In the same way as THEY corrupt the atmosphere, the food, the water, medicine, information and every other single thing in this world is it really too far removed to suggest THEY wouldn't be attempting to corrupt the very fabric of our perceived reality, at a psychic level.

See Also:

Google's DNA plan - https://youtube.com/watch?v=KML7gq1DIpI (The Bene Tleilax / Tleilaxu ?)
Spirit Science Hidden Human History Movie - https://youtube.com/watch?v=U8NNHmV3QPw
Metaphysics of DNA by Phil Valentine - https://youtube.com/watch?v=8V6LHIMvrgo (One man dark matter melinated think tank)
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