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"to see what the outcome is"


That is the purpose of it all. Universe wants to find out what will happen, once the probabilities are loaded and the potential is stacked. 


I have felt this for decades. My formula for it is ~humanity is/are movie cameras for God. We were posted in time/space to report back to the motherboard~


Yes, we humans need to forge a new morality out of it, for our time and place.  But from God's POV, it isn't about good and bad so much as whatever can happen will happen, as the infinite potential eternally seeks actualization.

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Also he said very clearly, we are the Nummo. 


That's it. Just that. Be the thing, and then we will get the results of the thing!


We have to stop stalling, pushing the action into the future, refusing to take the bull by the horns.


Just think of all the magical abilities we have. Even if we think of these abilities as  being mostly potential, or virtual, that turns out to be the first step to Clif's PPO formula.  Identifying a potential strengthens it into a probability, which brings us cheek-by-jowel with outcome.  


I think the vernacular way to say this is "lean into it."

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Max Spears said in an interview I found where he said type O blood was the hardest to control. Interesting fact that Haiti has the highest percentage of type O blood. Guess which race has always been enslaved - the peeps with type O blood. 

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These photos are from the De young museum that I took. I think these are the 8 Clif was talking about from Mali. This item is from the Dogon tribe who knew about the Sirius planets. 



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I am working on an idea that might fir into this. I'd love to get  some feedback.

People are treating the Vaxxx as though it had magical powers to cleanse them of social debris.

Why do they need this? What do they need to have  cleansed? Why aren't they clean enough?

My thought is that  their passive, or perhaps active  cooperation with the oppressive powers in our  society- the corrupt institutions, banks, medical societies, and Lord knows , politicians make them, if only subconciously  soiled, unclean, the jab, makes them feel cleansed.

I think taking Communion might  do better  at actually addressing this feeling- but these aren't the kind of people who go to Communion.

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