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Clif High: Military Will Oversee 2024 Election… the Cabal’s Days are Numbered

WBF Monk

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Occassionaly, leaks occur on the chans prior to events. Some leaks turn out to be true while some of them are just peeks and pokes by bullshit artists, etc.

The other day this turned up:

> Does this have to do with the burning man Marburg X shit?
No. You'll know it when you see it. It will be a "WTF?" moment. Do NOT use any form of trackable digital anything to discuss it. Resist the urge to come here and reply to any idiots that post it here (it will no doubt be here for a while). They WANT you to do that. It's a very big experiment. Do not get sucked into it by reacting to it, because your reactions will be catalogued and engaged with. Just be a reaction-less gray blob who doesn't care. It won't be easy though because it will be a very weird attention-grabbing thing that you'll have a strong urge to react to one way or another. That's the whole point of the "thing" happening, they WANT to see you reaction and which camp you'll fall into. And there's a reason for that but I can't get into it to much because I don't want to out myself. Just remember this: don't use any digital anything to react to it.

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