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Clif High Live Stream 2018009

WBF Monk
Clif High Live Stream 2018009

Streamed live on Oct 9, 2018


Adults only - rough language about quanta descriptor language (QDL) & raw bit shifting



clif constantly runs the webbots. Shutting down causes too many problems. He needed some data to work with. So he grabbed the immediacy data (3 days) and short term data (3 wks)


Data showing rise in emotional tone, especially for BTC,

Rise of emotions on on Fri afternoon through to a Monday, BTC weekend forecast type. Can lift BTC price.

BTC weekends may not drag up the alt coins like it did.

Minor temporal marker - price rise 9%? over the weekend

BTC weekend may be in the next 3 weeks or so. He has not worked the validating data sets.

Big fiat links and political links into crypto currency upwelling. Fiat currency and political crisies.

He can't tell which comes first, BTC weekend or crisis,

Be wary of coins that are issued Ripple etc and not mined like BTC or have a supporting network like ETH  . The issued tokens may not survive into the future.

Years of chaos because dollar supports so many other currencies. Currencies tied to the USD will feel it first. UK and Australia mentioned.

Seeing riots and buildings burning over the next two years.

2019-2020. Transition from fiat to crypto is the trend. May not be organized. Could be an onrush depending on confidence in US, civil strife, civil war?

2019 kick off year for cryptos and social chaos

Crypto halvening significant for take off.

Beginning 2019 is both the take off and the deaths of many cryptos.


Quantum physics. Entrained , entangled particles.

Quantum entanglement. Programmers - object oriented programing thinking will help understanding.

Example: One particle has an upward spin, The other a downward spin. They are connected. By looking at the spin of one, you can tell the spin of the other. Distance does not matter.

Conventional physics does not believe you can separate two particles and then know something about the other at a distance.

State of being of two separated particles is independent of distance. Locality is not a fixed element of the particle. It is a property of a class of particles.

The descriptor of properties can be a complex of properties.

Location can be a state or a function ( c++ programing).  He is looking at the location property as a function- tell me where I am at?

He says the transition from structured programming to object oriented programming was difficult for many.

He wants to get into QDL - Quantum description language. - he wants into the software so he can find the servers for the galactic internet.

There will be no DNS , Domain naming system.


Pressured vacuum, Like a cell wall. No nuclear sun, 'nuclear reactions" are electrical reactions when plasma goes out of balance.

We should not need to have nuclear decay byproducts to make steam to power and electric plant.

The earth is dragged behind the sun in a vacuum space. Beyond our solar system and galaxy space is not a vacuum and is more dense. It's difficult to penetrate and it makes a sound as we scrape past it.

The sun is an electrical plasma arch. it has light and heat. The sun grounds out in the interstellar media. That forms the heliosphere. Like a tear drop shape cell.


He was programming with some Java and stuff went ary so he started  looking at stuff that is sent out but without IP addresses or DNS. He is trying to find galactic internet addresses. He says packets of data are likely to exist but then you have to find a way to read them. If he can find the address scheme then he will be 'golden' He wants to ping something and try to get a response. This is how you find things on the Dark web= not indexed. Google only indexes about 3% of what is on the web. He thinks the things already out there with no IP addresses are spooky. He is looking to create and open source team to help create a quantum entangled internet network card.  It could be used to upgrade our current internet and to find things out there.


He is having some success with his time ray gun. He is backing off on some projects, He has to get the house ready for winter etc. He needs to turn his converted garage into a 'clean shop' decent electric and no dust. ( if he lives near Moclips, no dust in that windy, sandy environment would be hard). Taking apart his ray gun box, He accidentally retained some time stuff and it hit the top of his head and 'sunburned it' He released dissipative entropy and aged the skin on his head temporarily. He knew he had replicated Kosyrev's ( sp?) work by splitting a petri dish and watching the growth inside and outside the box.


Reports: he needs to rework his programs all into the same language. He uses Lisp, C, Pearl. He thought he would be able to reports while recovering but he was effected by anesthesia amnesia, it effected his ability to think about the reports. In the past it took Cathy 2-3 months to get back to normal. ( side note, seniors are told anesthesia can take 8 weeks to clear out of the system)


Litecoin. - a BTC clone with additional programing. If correct, he think LTC will do well for the rest of the year.

Next year the emotional tone for cyrptos is 5x higher than the for the general economy compared to the last data set. Emotional tones are not the same as values. Emotional tones can be triggered by crashing or rising. Emotional intensity burst - notice what the current political environment feels like. All the verbiage and intensity is real world example.


Data has crypto emotional intensity burst from late 2018 through much of 2019 to ( sept-oct 2019) - from the data from the July report.

Before he thought we would have a rise in crypto emotional intensity though this Fall followed by a Jan crash on the coins

Now he thinks it will be positive. Based upon new language. BTC weekend the start of a continual progression upward momentum of emotional tone. Dec bubble of emotion. continues to the end of the range he has OCt-Sept 2019


Posted  by Greenmeadow

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Thank you Greenmeadow, I appreciate the analysis.


I'm still stumbling around in the new format, plus I got distracted most of this month by this and that, so I appreciate your note-taking as I'm trying to catch up.

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