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Clif High Interview! Adapting to Solar wavelength changes.

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Special Guest Clif High (www.halfpasthuman.com) breaks it down; everything you need to know about solar light wavelength changes, UVA, UVB and UVC, how to protect yourself from recent changes in light, Clif has it all right here on Dimensions And Beyond!

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I'll bet the plankton and other tiny sea animals/vegetables are going to change color!  Just like Clif told us before, plants with "red" genes will be acceessing those in the face of cosmic rays and etc.

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As Clif says:  if it's a matter of Light, since the mutational impulse is coming from the Sun, then it's all the other frequencies as well as Light.  To me that also means a change of the schumann resonance, a change in our bodily frequencies, a change in what our eyes can see and our ears can hear, all that type of stuff. 


This is because according to ancient tradition, everything that can be measured within the sexagesimal grid (light, color, cycles, sound, shapes, aura, chakras, imagination) is going to be wanging around doing things we aren't accustomed to. 


Wild times, people....  I read somewhere earlier today that there will be a corresponding increase in people's fight-or-flight reflexes. I hope our civilization survives that intact!



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I will report that the earliest weeds in my garden, the miniature peppergrass, are all or mostly purple this year instead of the leaden green they have been in the past. Their stems and leaf backs are very dark always, so it seems the color is optional for them, they are responding to the light.


I'm amazed at how this property takes care of me. The shadows of the neighbor's line of redwoods falls across the garden at high noon. That gives me a great time to go out there when the weather is warmest and do a little bit in the garden.  Every year the trees get taller and the shadow gets a little more all-encompassing, but then it breaks for afternoon and there's lots of light again.  I'm going to interpret this as a benefit to the plants as well as my sensitive eyes. 


As badly as my skin is burned from my childhood in California, I want to avoid any further radiation damage. I might just start using C-60 oil on my arms (under sleeves) before I go out.

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