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two problems too big for nation states....


two problems too big for nation states....

With respect......nation states are too limited to be long tolerated in humanity's future.


A number of researchers have identified a schism within humanity and described it as a 'break-away civilization' emerging. The 'break-away civilization' is defined as having humanity separated into two groups by a 60 years notional time, and perhaps a thousand years time in technology.


On one side of this divide is an elite cadre of self-selecting humans who have access to technology so powerful that it has made them capable of killing with impunity (so they believe) anywhere on earth at any time. This group likely has access to technology that allows them to travel through out our solar system to some degree. Further, they may soon (if not already) have access to the ability to muck about in time. This group likely has daily contact with non-human intelligences in a relationship too complex to analyze from the available data/speculation.


On the other side side of this barrier are all us billions of regular humans trying to ...


Read it all @ http://halfpasthuman.com/twoproposals.html

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