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Escape This Life!

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Escape This Life!

By clif high - 2018 -all rights reserved


Brett Young read the link with some interest. The link had first shown up, sort of, in his peripheral vision as he clicked from one page to the next in his onion browser. It was there, and not, both at the same time. It appeared as a single link, in an alert dialog sort of window, that was not the page he was on or the one he was going to, at least by his selection. “Escape This Life” just appeared, momentarily, between the pages.


The much discussed 'dark web' had turned out to be a real turd. No action at all. Just a bunch of 'whistle-blowers', drugs and weapons, and dangerous porn. He had expected more given everyone's freak-out when he mentioned he was “cruisin' dark”. It had been a trip through intense paranoia, VPNs, wifi at cafes, and learning firewall protocols so thoroughly he dreamed in them, but until now, a real disappointment.


Intrigued, Brett ordered another latte, and sat further back into the corner of the booth while watching the screen intently for the flash of the magically appearing window as he went back and forth in the browser. The “Escape This Life” window had first appeared only when he had gone from the BizarrePoonTang site heading over to the PussyPLaTform site by way of a link. It had flashed at him between pages, grabbing his attention.


Back button pressed nearly instantly, he was disappointed to now not see the window. So he clicked the original link, and once again headed to PussyPLaTform, and to his delight, EscapeThisLife appeared, and disappeared once more. Intrigued to the point of wide-eyed stare, Brett hit the back button, and scooted forward on the seat of the booth, face into laptop, the definition of enraptured nerd.


Back and forth, from page back to page, and starting over, repeatedly, again and again, while waiting for his latte. Brett tried clicking the link, and then just wildly clicking hoping to hit the Escape This Life link before the page disappeared. No success.


Then it dawned on him! DUH! And he rapidly typed 'escapethislife.onion' into the browser, and hesitating, hit enter.


Voila! The browser obligingly popped him direct to the site, and Escape This Life page obediently loaded.


Escape This Life!


The Ultimate Way Out!


For the sum of 1 million dollars in Bitcoin (other payment vehicles available, ask your timetravel booking agent for details), the EscapeThisLife corporation, will ...


Read the rest of the article, here.

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