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Succeed at succession...Occupy World Government...or how i learned to stop worrying, and joined the largest SOC* on the planet....


[h=1]Home [/h][h=2]Occupy World Government...or how i learned to stop worrying, and joined the largest SOC* on the planet....[/h] With respect......the ****ers** are out to get your ass.


They want you tipping your hat, bending your knee, and averting your eyes when they pass. They want you abjectly servile. They are not content with merely stealing your life's work and energy, they want you quivering in slavish gratitude for your chains.


Or they want you dead.


Either way works for them. In their collective vision, you are their resource. You are as owned by them as are their oil fields, their silver mines, their rail lines, their nuke plants, their newspapers, their corporations, their politicians, their governments, their military, in short...their planet. Face it, to the power elite, there is only the difference in the number of legs and teats between you and the rest of the grazing herd on their farm.


They sheer you daily, so what makes you think they wont take you when they harvest the rest of the sheep?


They will take you. They own you. In fact, they state explicitly that they own your body, soul, and the product of your life in dozens of ways daily. It starts from the minute that they convince your ignorant parents (not their fault, they were 'schooled', and not educated, and are likely sheep themselves) to 'register' your birth. The claim of need is that you are not a 'person' until documented, and would not be able to receive 'service' from 'your government'. If you really wish to educate yourself to what the registration of your 'live birth' means to them, and less importantly to you (as you are truly less important than you think to your life, at least to them), please visit the Frank O'Collins link off the main halfpasthuman page.


The 'elites', aka the ****ers**, have stated repeatedly over the last few decades that they are going to push the planet into a "new world order". From the ****ers viewpoint, the need for the NWO is obvious... to better manage their herds.


We have seen this push toward NewWorldOrder as a work in progress these last 200 years, with the creation of the EU as a microcosmic fractal of the work as a whole. The 'elites' have bribed, beaten, killed, mashed, squeezed, displaced, shoved, shoveled, buried, twisted, threatened, lied, hoaxed, manipulated the former 'sovereign states' of Europe into the super state of the EU. In short they have ****ed 350 million people for the needs of the few 'royals', or 'elites' at the top.


And how well has this worked out for us regular humans?


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