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Notes: He has so many details that I can't type fast enough so listen to the interview for more details.


Clif says the D.C. explosion event had some of the language they were looking for having tunnels and and food center near by but it looks like a masking incident. Where a small unimportant event has some of the language of a larger event that is still pending.


He thinks the "electrifying" may have to do with several African countries that are going into hyper inflation and the people are running to cryptos. The banks are trying to stop that. I think they will even unbank people who participate. Also the electronic banking is done in dollars, especially a lot of the automatic banking depends on the dollar value being above $0.10.  Tesla holding cash in BTC adds to the situation. More and more new adopters.


JC asks about Dick Allgire's look at "death of the dollar" and Congressman weeping in the halls of Congress.

Clif says, yes, happening over the next month

New dates:

Sharp rise in tension Feb 24 (event) tension continues through Mar 25. Emotional tension higher than what we have now.


Peak of energy today: the weather, cryptos electrifying bull, government response to social changes.


Banks in Kenya, Sudan and Egypt saying they don't care about the central bank in Nigeria not allowing cryptos. Banks fighting other banks and standing up to central banks. A big deal. As more banks adopt cryptos it leaves the federal banks in a bad place, they can't handle competition. They have devalued the dollar to the point that BTC has gone from $0.10 to $48K. Central banks cannot fight non member banks. They can't fight mass individuals who decide to leave fiat. Banks are now printing money that will be used to buy cryptos.


Major currency transition getting into over the next months that leads to "desperation" that will lead to secrets revealed about UFOs over July this year.  


Political problems, breakdown of belief systems, breakdown of the illusion over the next month. Causing real problems. Social changes. More weather as well this month, atmospheric rivers etc.


How do people save value in this situation? Cannot save in paper because they can just keep printing. You need to buy into scarcity in one form or another. Can be anything Silver, tires, BTC, etc. Scarcity is friend and enemy.


Silver getting into shortages. If Tesla had bought a billion dollars of silver they would not have moved the price. Because its a controlled market unlike BTC. But that control is ending. It has ended. Market has broken. It is not free of price suppression but the mechanism that was backed by silver has broken. We are getting to the point where the dealer with silver can set the price. Old forecast $2 dollar days in silver, and $20 days in silver. Premiums could go up even more. Will get to a BTC and Silver impossible to purchase at any price. Central banks at war with bullion banks. System will get wonky in terms of value. If banks and dealers no longer have silver. The holders (you) will set the value. At that point the Federal reserve is no longer in control of the value of the US dollar.  Not just local dealers out of silver.


Clif knows people with a lot of money they do not want to keep in dollars. They call clif asking where they can do bulk purchase of cryptos. Clif tells them he does not deal in that but they tell him about their problems in obtaining gold, silver or platinum. ( Do not buy diamonds) They cannot do $20-50 million dollar purchases. One person was rebuffed  13x when he tried to buy delivery. Guy in Asia. He did tell people he would test for purity of silver. Most were ok with testing. He could not get lumpy bars of silver. He could not get large sums of gold. Only one gold source in India but extreme premiums. A lot of money is seeking scarcity value right now. Not seeking art or collectables.


Dates : High emotion Feb 24-Mar 25

Impact of government stuff Mar 4-7, around breakdown of illusion, expanding earth weather stuff also,

Q crowd upset around Mar 4 (communists don't care about law). Biden and his crowd doing their version of Mao's cultural revolution. May have big reaction from those not reconciled with theft of election. It's all theater. They will be so broke they cannot pay for anything. Within this month there will be pressure to pay government troops and contractors money that is meaningful. Food inflation means dollars won't feed families. We are at peak fraud right now. Airforce one is a mock up. We are the point of massive change. Get your stuff handled now. Do not procrastinate. Don't save in toilet paper.

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