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Durand Interstellar, Inc.

Durand Interstellar, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Gerald (Jerry) Durand

and Sharon Hurtley-Durand to design and build new and useful products,

mainly theatrical devices.  We've since expanded into many other fields

and products.


Our clients range from small start-ups through large companies including

the US Government and we are listed with Dunn & Bradstreet and the US

Small Business Administration.


Our products and designs are used world-wide and range from

inexpensive entertainment and audio equipment through leading-edge

medical, control, telecom, aerospace, pyro and test systems.


Custom items gladly quoted.

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    People are drawn to water from natural sources, they don't really know what it is about it, they just know that it's somehow “better”. Researchers have found that water flowing over pebbles in a stream takes on a more structured form and this seems to be what many people are seeking. Since we all can't drink directly from a flowing clear mountain stream, devices have been made to structure water.

    We drew from the research and ideas of these pioneers and merged it with powerful Computer Aided Design software and 3D printing technology to create the Pyramidal Water Cascade (PWC). It is made entirely out of biocompatible BPA free food-safe material, the same FDA approved material used to make food and drink containers. The only real downside of this material is that it can not stand boiling water and will, after long use, begin to wear out. At that point it may be safely disposed of as you would any other food container. We are continuing to research other materials to improve this product.

    As you pour water in the top (cool to warm water only, no hot water), the water is separated and flows over a number of spheres that are in a triangular shape with a hexagon in the middle. At the bottom of these spheres the water is gathered together to concentrate the effect and then it flows over more spheres in a smaller triangle. This repeats until finally the concentrated water flows over a single sphere and then out through a hole in the bottom of the PWC and into your waiting jar, mug, or other container.


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