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Yet another screwy idea.... open source, transparent, global voting.


Occupy The Vote!

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Yet another screwy idea.... open source, transparent, global voting.


First a disclaimer...i don't vote. Can't stand the control mechanisms put into place over the voting system. It is the same in every country. The evil central banksters, officialdom, masons, and the 'party' system control the vote. So i don't. No point.


But, there are times i would like to be able to vote. Usually there are no personalities among the scum floating to the top of the political pond worth wasting breath cursing. Some though, such as Ron Paul, do say all the correct words, and may be the correct person for the karios of the moment. But, as i say, i do not vote....because it is rigged. Certainly here in the USA, and likely everywhere.


It was this last thought that brought forth the screwy idea....since they are trying to control voting by clamping down on the local through national level, why not 'occupy' the vote by taking the vote in Olympia, WA State, global? That is, if i knew that my vote could be tallied globally, by anyone, and everyone, would that make me trust the system more?


Well, in my case, yes. As a computer software designer, i would love to be able to reach out and tally/monitor the vote in any region/locality globally. Why? Well, probably just because i am nosy, but there is a real point to it. If i could determine that the vote in a parish in Louisiana had been locally (in Louisiana) reported inaccurately, they could be called on the crime. Now, as the saying goes, "if you ain't diebold, you CAN'T know".



So, here is a screwy idea, released out into the wild....for all those legions of unemployed programmers... open source, transparent, global voting system. The idea being to build the replacement system that we, the planetary populace, will be needing when the evil central bankster empire falls, later this year. We will not be wanting to 'go back' to the old style systems. In fact, given finances, and the state of being weakened by centuries of parasitism by banksters, we can't afford it. Thus the idea of "well, we might as well start replacing the old system from the inside out....".


A globally transparent voting system, as it climbs into place, will (probably fairly rapidly) replace the locally controlled voting as they are all 'called into question' for not being able to count. At the point that even a fraction of the vote is openly available (caused by interested parties scanning their votes and creating vote-packets just due to enlightened self interest), the 'officialdom' voting world starts to crack like a rotten egg.


Basically the idea, of course, is to take local voting global such that the local voting system everywhere is accountable to everyone, and can be held hostage by no individual or group.


This idea also greatly cuts down the costs of staging votes, and would allow rapid, and near continuous sampling of the local populace by referendum.


Some design notes to get us started:


Open source voting via open, floating token voting.


What i am noodling is based on the old 'token ring' network idea, as is briefly detailed below. But, please do not be swayed by this notion if you have something better to offer.


The voter gets an open 'token' = unique id from their pc + software + ip address that provides a smart number token from their registered token provider software. This software can be obtained from any/all of the potentially millions of vote counting servers.



Then voter puts in their vote, for their local issues, into their pc which keeps a copy and can print a copy at any time. Plus it can be backed up since it is encrypted. Then (with the token attached) it is released the sealed vote-packet onto the internet. Their id is registered on their pc, and a print out is made, then a reverse token can register their token+id on a fourth party server anywhere that can be used to validate their votes at any time by any party without revealing their private information.



Now note that the token+vote is openly circulated around the net, and validity is partially a function of being registered in multiple places. It can be tallied by any server with the database and tallying software who registers to receive tokens. They register at the open-source voting servers (again, multiples). So a server in china could tally votes in boston as easily as one in Tallahassee. And all of the servers tallying votes would be open source, and could be queried via open source SDK by any person who wanted to put together a script or two..so you know that would be a growth industry.


The only place that has the name to token connection is the registered pc and those servers to which it was registered. These servers inform the local registrars office (the “TO:” field of the vote-packet) of the 'registration' of so-and-so of address so and so...


as many severs as possible can register and then inform the local registration office that so-and-so has voted....then the local registrar, along with everyone one else can catch the token. In the case of the local registrar, they can search for the token-vote packet since they are the recipient.


The token is registered independently with the registrars


The vote is passed to officialdom. The registration servers make out by also being able to send this out to other interested talliers, and that is their motivation. But they can't send out name or address, or other id information, and each vote only presents information on issues presented by locals that send out the vote description file that initiates the process.



The registrar at the county/city/state/nation just validates that each of the three registered id/token servers has the same vote, and then they can accept it.




So, challenge is there. Someone else come up with something better, more robust, more streamlined, more complex, less vulnerable, and code the beast. The planet's populace needs it.




copyright January 15, 2012 by clif high



Please visit http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ for this article and many more

Reprinted with the explicit permission of Clif High

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