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Hyperinflation Will Collapse Biden Administration – Clif High

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I doubt that Hyper inflation will go very far..Collapse, is possible, but not through uncontrolled inflation.. We have the ability to shut down the economy  by having enough debt that we cant support the system to maintain the web or whatever you want to call our life support.. Biden is just one aspect that ceases to exist with any real meaning.. Biden, WHO?   No power for the TV., radio, CCards to work. The end of what.. We are all worrying about what we can't control. It is coming; we all know that.. See what you can do to lessen the impact with out .. My neighbor is on the HP sugar drink mix. He throws out the plastic bottles, I gather and save. Great for when  the taps run dry.. A lot is going to mess up..If you can't fix it, go around and stop wasting your time on what you can't fix. Water will be a good trading item.. Even better if you can purify, and maybe flavor..Hyper inflation is just some thing o waste time on.DEtermine what will go up in value. The word will be barter. One I like is fire starters.,the spark kind.. Flint and an old file work well

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