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clif high, Episode 1, DIY Jedi training. Preparing for BugWar

WBF Monk

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i am  confused  too .. please  explain  that front page ..

many  may  over look  my  mp3  conversion  ..

so  why  bother  .. i  say to  my self ?


and  is  it  difficult to  say whats public  and  whats  private  ?

am  i sharing  my  *hit with the world ?  

maybe  some times  i  want  to   and sometimes  i DON"T   ? ? ? ? ? 

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13 minutes ago, gigi said:

Yep..I have some comments to make re this presentation...but would like to know if this is a public thread. 


our private thread is here.... the one where LC also posted the mp3...



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well i  listened to the entire Clif / Leak interview ..

  ( Unusual  for me ) 


Clif  is  confident the Bugs ( the word they  use for our  alien manipulators )  is  gonna 

  have an  overt , seen by all invasion with in two years..  ( somebody tell me if i caught that wrong ..)


 he  also makes use of the time by explaining how to build up and use vagus nerve 

  and  things  like personal power , will power ..  

  good  easy to  understand  interview  ... while  Mr  Leak  acknowledged he  was under the weather and  kept quiet  alot ...hhmm 

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