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faces 2/two faces...


two postings in one day! @ Half Past Human


faces 2/two faces...


Kerry Cassidy, over at Project Camelot, does not think that the Dr. Sal in the supposed doom in 2016 video, and the actor Frank Vidal, are the same person. She notes differences in the eyes, and ears specifically that form her conclusion.


This brings up an interesting aspect of things that i happen to have recently spent some time reading into...that is, facial recognition. Both how humans (and other animals, including crows) do it, and then, how it is being implemented in machinery.


It is nowhere near as simple as you may think.


If you noodle about it, you should be able to recall (without too much trouble for most of us), an incident in your life where you were shocked, or startled by 'unrecognizing' someone....this is to say, suddenly coming face to face with someone whom you know you know, and yet, your brain says....wait a second...who is this person? Then, usually they speak, and the 'spell' of unrecognition passes. But for a minute, perhaps longer, there was no recognition in your brain...no pattern of face-image to person-memory match.


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