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Clif HIgh & Bix Weir

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Clif HIgh & Bix Weir (Part 1) - Health, Vitality & Blue Chickens!!




I got a chance to sit down with Clif High on Roota's Road Trip and here's the first part of a 3+ hour interview...Enjoy!


Clif High & Bix Weir (Part 2) - Sci-Fi World,

Secret Tech & the Quantum Mandela Effect!



My discussion with Clif High continues as we get into the vast changes taking us into the 'Sci-Fi" world and how it will effect every aspect of our lives


Clif High & Bix Weir (Part 3) - $100k Bitcoin Parties with Cryptos Freeing Humanity!!




In the final segment of my 3 part interview with Clif high we talk about the transition out of the old system and into the new Sci-Fi future where cryptos and blockchain ARE THE NEW STANDARD!

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