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Half Past Human Project

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    The Battle Across Time with Clif High

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    The Battle of Time with Clif High. Jay Weidner and Yvonne Palermo are joined by ‘Uncle’ Cliff High. He relates his theories on reincarnation and consciousness. We also discuss the idea that there is a long going battle between certain forces. This battle has been going on for thousands of years and it appears that same groups have been engaging in this Battle Across Time for a long time.

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    Clif HIgh & Bix Weir

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    Clif HIgh & Bix Weir (Part 1) - Health, Vitality & Blue Chickens!!
    I got a chance to sit down with Clif High on Roota's Road Trip and here's the first part of a 3+ hour interview...Enjoy!
    Clif High & Bix Weir (Part 2) - Sci-Fi World,
    Secret Tech & the Quantum Mandela Effect!
    My discussion with Clif High continues as we get into the vast changes taking us into the 'Sci-Fi" world and how it will effect every aspect of our lives
    Clif High & Bix Weir (Part 3) - $100k Bitcoin Parties with Cryptos Freeing Humanity!!
    In the final segment of my 3 part interview with Clif high we talk about the transition out of the old system and into the new Sci-Fi future where cryptos and blockchain ARE THE NEW STANDARD!

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    Why People are Going Nuts, Solar Minimum, Age of Aquarius w/ Clif High
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf3lzat41Q0lif High rejoins the program to discuss possible reasons why people are acting very strange and irrational. We iscuss the solar minimum and the mass amounts of radiation that are bombarding us from every direction. We also discuss the Age of Aquarius and how Chinese history provides us amazing insights into this incredible stage of human development.

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    Ready for updates? Clif brings us up to speed on recent developments not covered in the main series. Some topics touched: What can we learn from the Strava Heat Map fiasco? Why's Antarctic traffick exploding? Why hiring thousands for civil service occupations? What's up with the incredible security clearance? What of the cruise and flight tourism? How's the Voyager relevant? Is the Classified Space Program relocated south? What to deduct from the recent Giza Pyramid energy phenomenon disclosure? Why is there still unclaimed areas while fighting over claimed land? + Learn a hack to get from pole to pole by Google Earth zooming...


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