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Half Past Human Project

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    Like spiritual anarchists we smash in the doors to the other side letting out some of its light. Come hear all about nekrosis, like: How does Clif define the metaphysical anatomy of man? Which ancient traditions preserved death insight & what did they relate? What has science found? What is heaven & hell? Which parts of us, if any, survive? Will some perish? Do animals have souls? Can souls split & fuse? How long between incarnations? Do we return in different gender? Do we incarnate linear in time? In our own blood line? On different planets? Do we look the same throughout lives? + learn how the crude elite try to rig the metaphysical order...

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    We Talk with clif today about Quantum Computers, Quantum Webs, Quantum Supremacy, Using technology to manifest archetypes and knowledge. Contacting the Cosmic Ancients with systems we don't even fully understand yet. Were the ancients doing similar things with Cymatics, do hieroglyphs show the evidence? Lets talk about it

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    critical thinking s1e03?

    By WBF Moderator, in Wu-Jo,

    Going into the recent episode between Jay Weidner and Paranormalhood Jiggy at the UFO Conference. Going into the science & Jay's POV on this. Also discussing David Wilcock and Jordan Sather and pseudoscience.


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