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Half Past Human Project

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    brief description of how NURSES & DOCTORS can reduce COVID19 viral load by adaption of a strategy used by the horseshoe bats from which the precursor to COVID19 was extracted & used to make the bioweapon that humanity now faces. An effective, cheap, safe approach that WILL work.
    Please share with any/all nurses you may know. Save a life today!

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    Live with Clif High & Jay Campbell

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    Join Me as I speak with Cliff High to discuss How Humanity will beat Covid-19!
    Cliff was the first influencer to be discussing this pathogen as a Bioweapon leashed against
    humanity in early January.
    _Maintaining Immunity
    _What to Use to Combat Infection with Covid-19
    _The Current State of the World
    _Where We're Going in a Post-Covid World


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