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13 hours ago, bartp401 said:

Look at a label for mayo.  First ingredient is Soybean oil no matter the brand.

Soy and soybeans are bad for testosterone.


Also canola oil, even worse for you than soybean oil.


To date I think I have run across three brands of pure avocado oil mayo, including the one you put a link to.


Avocado mayo does not hold together well especially if you leave it out of the fridge too long. If I want it I make my own. But since it's mostly good for spreading on bread and since bread gives you wheat belly and isn't at all good for testosterone, I have nearly given it up.


Just about the only vegetable oil I am using these days is peanut oil for deep frying, and occasionally I eat peanut butter mostly for the selenium. Peanut oil is actually quite limbering. 

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People are going to eat sandwiches and chicken/tuna salad.  I am just trying to find a better alternative.


Another brand is:



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