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I spoke to my step mother yesterday. She has never watched the news or been political but now she watches the news religiously because she is afraid to be unprepared for the next crazy thing Trump does. 


Her hope is that somehow Trump and Pence will get gone and Pelosi will be our first woman president.


Pelosi was born in 1940. She is already 78. She does seem like a pretty tough lady but she seems more to want to return things to status quo vs dealing with new realities. She seems to get flustered when things dont go her way.

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13 minutes ago, Brenda Elfgirl said:


Check out Pelosi’s press conference. She sounds nervous and kind of freaked out. So curious as to why she was taking all of her exteneded family on her trip to a war zone. 


Let’s play Name That Drug.  When was the last time she spoke in complete sentences?

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I remember being young and so full of myself as AOC is right now. Sudden fame is a massively inflating thing to have happen, so I hope she will eventually find some gravitas. But this is her Saturn Return, so you know the karma-lord is gunning for her big time. She will mature quickly inside the kiln of DC.



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Nothing and usually nobody goes straight up or straight down.  I seriously doubt AOC will ever be back working as a bartender, unless it is for a fund raiser of some kind.  She has been allowed to move up several steps.  She may move back down one or two, but from here on out, she will always be more newsworthy than she was 3 years ago.  I just hope the world has not turned so incredibly rancid so that she actually follows in Obama's footsteps.  This is the possible plan for her, though.  There is a very worrisome energy running thought her, as well.  There will be some who listen to her out of admiration, some who listen to hear out of fear, and many will listen to news about her just to try and figure out who/what she is.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has completed her Saturn return. It's at 8 degrees Capricorn in her chart and Saturn is now at 13 degrees Capricorn.  Looking at her aspects, it's easy to see why she has so much energy!




AOC chart.jpg

AOC chart aspectsl.jpg

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5 minutes ago, LP said:

I'm not getting this.  What are you seeing?

Hamilton and Lincoln were both killed (assassinated (Hamilton was killed in a duel but it can be argued that he was assassinated)). Leave a Legacy? $15.00 could be interpreted as 3pm?


It has long been speculated that the elite communicate through coded tweets. Is she telling somebody something? She recently deleted her tweet calling Pelosi, President Pelosi. 


I don't think she (they) would be this brazen but they have done some pretty stupid things so it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. If nothing else, just very odd.

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FWIW, I think it is the $15/hr thing.  I also think the other "ominous" post was just rather plain personal desires coming through, and not anything nefarious.  If anything, it shows her lack of understanding about where things are.  I don't think DB is a PTB, nor is she even a minion.  She is a more like an upper level worker bee: a talking head asked to step up to a political job because the real powers didn't want to show themselves.  I could be wrong, of course, as this is just my personal take on the situation. 

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Back about 10-12 years ago, Al Gore said the ice caps would be gone in the summer months by 2013.  I guess O-C must have heard that on TV as a young child.  She probably believes the ice caps melted 6 years ago like Al said they would, and that the rest of the world has turned into a stinking desert.  How would she know any different?  It's what they taught her in school, and school is all the experience she has to draw on.  It sure makes a person feel safe to know we have such quality people in Congress.

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