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2018 Liberal Madness

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3 hours ago, Foxx said:

Between her and hubby, they've squandered (lying MSM talk for stolen) $1.8B!!  https://nypost.com/2019/02/28/de-blasio-and-co-mayor-wife-have-wasted-1-8b-of-taxpayer-money/


There was talk back in 2017 of Killary running for Mayor of New York.  With literally billions of dollars dropped into the laps of thieves who don't have to account for the money, one would think that Evil, Inc. (Killary & Bubba) would be drawn like pigs to mud.


This doesn't qualify as "liberal madness".  This is plain old Deep State order of magnitude theft that goes on and on under the protection of the Deep State ownership of the MSM, Department of Injustice, the Judiciary, and LEO of all stripes. 

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57 minutes ago, massapien said:

Squandered, or plundered?

Plundered, stolen, misappropriated......all the same.  De Blasio is a former "campaign manager" for Killary.  World-class thieves flock together.

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Posted (edited)

Great segment of Hannity describing the Dem derangement exposed by the Cohen testimony before Congress as means to embarrass Trump during his negotiations with NK. Unbelievable!


Video removed.... :shrug:

Edited by bzpal

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