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We have just launched a brand new platform upon which we operate. This new platform has many new features and a new level of abilities to interact upon. We are quite excited about its' potential and we think you will like it as well. 


You are currently viewing the Public portion of the Forum. There is another portion where we mostly congregate though, that is private. The main reason the major part of the forum is private is to protect the content from the HalfPastHuman Project's spyders. Due to the nature of our conversations, we do not wish to create a self validating circuitous loop that may possibly corrupt the aggregated data that is collated. While that is the major reason we are private, we do discuss a much wider variety of topics than just what is put forth in the reports issued by the Asymetric Language Trend Analysis.


Should you wish to gain access to the private discussion wherein, we have created a method by which you can easily gain access. You need to join the public portion of the forum. Some hoops to jump through to get validated, yes. However those hoops are minor and a necessary evil in order to keep the spam at bay. You then need to make a total of 20 posts and have 25 'Reputation' points to be automatically upgraded to the private portion. We are an easy going bunch and you will find that the private membership will respond to your posts and engage you in discussion.


Another advantage to joining is that you will see minimal advertising. Get to Private Member status and it will be virtually non existent. So, what have you got to lose. Sign up today and get started on making your way towards Private Membership. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 


We look forward to meeting you. 



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