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Clif High 9-12-18 Livestream Youtube


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Clif High Livestream now 9-12-2018



Notes: reposting in the public section of the forum. Feel free to comment.




Health issues have set both Clif and Cathy back pretty bad this year. They both turned 65.


Crypto possibilities

1. equinox (4th week Sept) through Dec could be compressed energy. A dip in Jan 2019

2. Or the compression may not happen, bull market may last 6-7 months ( from Sept equinox)

3. Suppression of a pattern is being worked (like Mt Gox sales). If bankers knew about the amount of energy flowing through a system they could impose actions to manipulate that energy. Astrological cycles exist- no flat or perpetually growing economy is possible


BTC at $100K "is a long way away yet" He is frustrated himself at how his timing can be great times and pretty off at other times.


He has some projects he is working on plus building his health that will keep him from working on reports for some time. He is considering working with some AI with a fellow to improve his reading and sorting of the data.


Pole shift. Magnetic alignment does change. Skin and continents of earth does not slip around as Hapgoood thought. "Movement" of continents can be explained by expanding earth. The magnetic poles do wander. he does not think we are going into a pole shift. He thinks we are going into a solar minimum with Ice ages starting in the next year or two. He says he has gotten winter rain storms and can see the ocean current of off his coast is moving into the winter patterns.


Charlie Lee - 2 yr bear market? Argument against 2 yr bear market is the halvening of BTC. 2019 would be some turmoil as preparing for the halvening in 2020. May get more clones. Every cloning has lead to an upward trend of value of all the bitcoins combined and an increase in the grandpa BTC. If we are replicating the 2013-2015 bear there was a minor upward bend. He does not seem to think the 2 yr bear market is the most likely option.


Remembers "Lightcoin harvest festival" language about LTC. Likes Charlie Lee.


Clif thinks there are some good uses of AI. Traffic light sensors. He says most AI is just programed and set. He is thinking about AI should be able to learn form others mistakes.


Clif on Vitalic Buteron. ETH will not fail in clifs opinion. Its a useful program.


He's pretty keen on nicotinamide riboside Vit B3 and orthomolecular medicine ( vitamin and mineral based vs medicine based)


Article I found, not mentioned by clif

Nicotinamide riboside shows promise for reversing cardiovascular ageing

Nicotinamide riboside was shown to mimic caloric restriction, boosting arterial health…



Clif taking for his healing

Vit C 2 grams

Vit B 1.5 grams

Vit E 800IU will up



regular vitamins and minerals


He might be taking this



Florida marquis (Sp?)on youtube - Antartica image work. Joseph Farrel likes him.

Hidden corners, cables - ray towards HI


Solar observatory shut down is weird.


Silver at $600 is still on in 2020 depending chaos in 2018-2019. Rough geo political stuff. Cyclic alignment of data is lining up with what is happening, some 2 month delays. Starting to validate last approach.


AI predictive python program data modeling- not enough BTC history for data model to work. It was based off stock market.

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