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Nerve Gas Poisoning In UK

simple simon

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simple simon

I wonder, my conspiratorial mind could be totally wrong with this far out thought... or closer than I ever imagined.


What if the spring 2018 nerve gas poisoning of the Russian spy and his daughter in the English town of Salisbury was not done by the Russians but rather the perpetrators just wanted to frame Russia?




Divert people's minds from the ongoing revealing of historic pedo actions, cause discord, foment war, stop Russia from doing things which harm the US$. We cant invade Russia like we did with Iraq and Libya. So another track has to be followed... Even possibly as part of a 'turf war' between different secretive security or power elite groups?

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The West has been looking for excuses to pull out of the World Cup and put more sanctions on Russia. Russia hasn't been co-operating so...


Also, Russia, while being monitored by the UN, destroyed ALL their chemical weapons and production facilities. They were certified chemical weapon free last year.


The US has NOT destroyed it's chemical weapons and facilities. The US says it plans to...eventually...if they get around to it.


The formula for the chemical weapon supposedly used (no third party has seen any samples) is available from Amazon.com


The UK immediately identified the chemical as a Soviet era nerve agent. What, exactly, made them suspect this particular agent in order to do the right test to identify it?

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It seems like a convenient crisis. I personally don't believe all such are FFs, but "they" are no doubt not going to let this crisis go to waste, whoever did it.


I would say it is not the first time an enemy of Putin has been poisoned, so there is that. Maybe it is what it seems. I don't think I have enough info to know for sure, either way.

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It's a wonder that Craig Murray doesn't get more traction each and every time he tries to help. I guess it's just the thankless path of the whistle-blower in these times. I am glad he's out there, though it seems no one I try to tell about what he said regarding the DNC leak will turn off Rachel Maddow long enough to check him out.

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simple simon

This web page claims that MI6 did it because Skripol was about to return to Russia with proof that MI6 was involved in creating a dossier (along with Obama, Clintons, possibly FBI, etc) aimed at tarnishing Trump's reputation and public image so as to make him unelectable.


I will stress that I do not know (and have no way of evaluating) if what is said in the article is truthful and in any way accurate. But it certainly adds a fresh level of complexity to understanding the event.



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simple simon

Hmm, how appalling to seal the pets into the house and leave them to die. It would be karmic for whoever did this to experience the same themselves.


But, I am baffled, how come the pets didn't die from the concoction given to the Skripals?



Russian spy's cat had to be put down and guinea pigs died of thirst after cops sealed them in house

It's claimed the three pets were found and taken to Porton Down, where they were incinerated


-- snip --


The Government last night confirmed the cat was taken to the Porton Down chemical weapons lab for testing, but was in so much pain, the decision was taken to have him put down.



-- cut--



Also see here...






No one should have left these animals inside the house any more than they would have done children – clearly, they should have been rescued. PETA is calling for an investigation in order to determine how this was allowed to happen & ensure that procedures are put in place.

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The pets didn't die from poison because they didn't eat the bad seafood.


The Skirpals are fine because you tend to get better after food poisoning.


The US has offered to more them to the US and make them disappear to protect them from reporters...err...the evil Russians.

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I need the Zep

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