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... Collected Curious Crypto ~ Paruski!

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...bare naked Wealth #6: for speculators


Collected Curious Crypto ~ Paruski!


This report contains 20 pages of analysis and forecasts of and for crypto-currencies, and other software tokens.

A compendium of crypto currencies that have reached the level of visibility in our process.


This report is for speculators only. In purchasing this report you agree that this is background analysis and opinion and not financial advice.


There are no warrantees nor refunds offered on this information. As with all our work, diligence was taken to provide a very tightly focused

discussion of the data gathered by our process. The 'thin-ness' of the data for crypto-currencies necessarily means that any errors

may be disproportionately large. Recent successful forecasts for Bitcoin and ETH aside, this information is not guaranteed

to be any thing other than a guess as to future directions of the development of these software tokens and platforms.


This report is delivered as a PDF file. This report is in the newer, more readable format. This format is an evolving design effort to

facilitate easier machine translation of this material for a global audience.The price for this report is set at $99.00 US.


Pdf written text only:


To purchase the ALTA Report ->

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